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9/8/2013 c16 Just so you know
Chapters fifteen and sixteen are the same chapter! I don't know if anyone else has let you know!
7/19/2010 c40 Wordsworth-O'Wise
Hey. I liked this:)I think it's really good

You know when it was a double date with David and Izzy and Ana talked to a 'cute' guy named Paul was it the same as mentioned later?when he had a go at Ana. I like the old Paul he seemed nice(or nicer)and It was a shame she just left him. I didn't like Ryan...

I'm gonnaa go readd story 2

8/28/2009 c16 note
chapter 15 and 16 r the same.
4/7/2009 c40 1Angel-Leigh Jones

Great story. I really liked it.

The bit where Ana mother goes to rehab was a bit sudden. Sort of like it wasn't planned and you had to get her mother out of the picture so that Ana could stay with Iz and then you fixed it up later. The thing is though if Ana mother was having a problem with then there would be some signs. Not nessearrly that Ana would pick up on all of them.

SO if you ever re-write this story again, maybe add in some hints that her mother is having problems. Like the whiff of achol, or her mother acting strange.I know how a story can take a life of its own, mine does that all the time. I just thought i would point it out.

Other than that it was a great read. and now onto the other.

2/16/2008 c2 3substitute angel
I love how the story flows smoothly and naturally and it's not hard to read or confusing. Very good work.
2/16/2008 c1 substitute angel
This story is really cute and Izzy is endearing. She reminds me of my best friends. And the protagonist is extremely realistic and easy to relate to. Very good job with characterization and the little bouts of descriptions sprinkled here and there made the character easy to picture and the story interesting. Nice work.


Blue Calico
9/16/2007 c37 1clear vision
what the? shouldn't this have been one of the earlier chapters?
8/17/2007 c40 5christinaxxyo
Very original, I liked your story. Nice job. :)
8/16/2007 c38 christinaxxyo
Okay, that last chapter confused the hell out of me and seriously? I'm really confused with your story.
8/16/2007 c27 christinaxxyo
That was really dramatic, the whole 'mother bursts in'. Very soap opera. :P
8/16/2007 c38 Alyson
AMAZING story! love it!
2/4/2007 c91 youpin
2/2/2007 c19 anonymous
OKay I'm confuzeled.

One: Where the mom goes "DO YOU WANT TO END UP IN REHAB AGAIN?" Okay well rehab is only for people who have broken body parts and are trying to strengthen them, or people who exessivevly (do not know how to spell)used drugs or alcohol.

So did Ana like have a mental health problem or something? Cause if she did, then it isn't rehab she went to. I remember Ana saying something about used to drinking, so did she drink a lot, get in a lot of fights, still drinking more, then go to rehab?

Alright TWO: (not a confused thing).

Being a writer you have to take constructive critisism. Now I understood how Ana was "confused" when others saw it as skank. BUT the thing is you have to take it. You can choose to ignore it, or change it. So if you don't like people considering Ana a skank, change her image or whatever.

THREE: OKay now when Nick and Andrew get in a fight and then Ana goes to Nick's room. Well that was really skankish. I mean literally one second she's confused between the two guys thinking 'oh well I might like him' and the next she's practically making out with Nick which she hasn't even gone on a first date with! And yes you can point out that they known each other. But the thing is, you can't really know a person THAT WELL being "my best friend's twin sister's best friend".

FOUR: And we don't even know why Nick and Andrew have all of a sudden started liking ANA! I mean if Nick "knows" her so well, why not last year or the year before, why the same time. Same with Andrew. UNLESS Ana just moved there that year, which wouldn't make sense because a friendship Izzy and Ana have. Which still brings you back to the Nick and Andrew question.

FIVE: When Ana goes to see Nick in the other room after the fight and he's like "Aw...No lovin'?" Okay now that was CHEEZEY! Hilarioius Cheezey, but cheezey none the less. I mean once I read that I was seriously ROTFLMAO. I just don't think a guy Would EVER say that, unless he is really really old and has been married and in love for 30 years. (or younger). Now it would have sounded better if he said "What...not even a kiss or two?" something like that, cause a guy might actually say that, or will say it.

SIX: (oh my gosh so many lingering questions) Well you say that Ana is, has been living in Isabelle's shadow (im guessing hense your title) but when you read, YOU DON'T SEE ANY SHADOW! Isabelle seems to treat Ana equally and then right off the bat two guys finally start to like Ana.

I think that's it and I just love your story it's really interesting! You should just take the critisism you get and make your good book into a FANTASTICO STORY! Now as for the questions above, you know it might just be because i haven't read farther enough into the story. But I'm on the 19th chapter and practically all these questions should have been answered at the beginning of the story.
1/25/2007 c91 13Reincarnated.Pink.Shoelace
awesome story. dramatic and cliched. but enjoyed it all the same.
1/14/2007 c91 atreyu love
it took me five hours, but ive finished the 91 chapters :D yay for me huh? and yay for you, must have taken you long to update all this much ^^ thank you :D
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