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11/14/2005 c86 10giRLAddiCted
*Glomps Andrew's face with a spork and foon* damn...gimme a break! This is unfair!
11/14/2005 c86 11les petits bateaux
Ok, I really think that Ana and Ryan don't act like friends, more like in a relationship. But both of them are too cute together. And another party? Imagine the drama that will squeeze itself in! I can't wait for the next chapter. And...who is this Jess? Another girlfriend for Andrew to make Ana jealous. Oh God, the twists.


p.s. Good chap!
11/14/2005 c85 les petits bateaux
You know, I really think that Ana can't forget about Andrew, but I guess she should have some fun with Ryan, even though she's over him. Ryan is a really nice guy, but at the end, I think he got a bit carried away with the dancing because he knew that Ana didn't love him anymore, since she has feelings for someone else. I really think that Paul is a jerk, I mean, I get that he's trying to stick up for his friend but he just went on and on and on, and I don't blame Ana if she punched him right in the nose. LOL. Awesome chap.


p.s. You do know that you're hosting the 90th chap. party and we're the guests right? LOL.
11/14/2005 c86 annie
...And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Ana and Andrew are back to square one. I believe that Ana needs to start telling Andrew about the things that are happening in her life, and Andrew needs to be acquainted with the word "patience." Yeah, they both need a break to assess their problems.

And oh yeah, Andrew sure moves fast. He already has a petite, blonde girl already? Hm...are they really studying in his room? I hope he knows that having a girl in his room makes the situation with Ana worst. He is so dense most of the time. Andrew frustrates me so much that sometimes I just wish that Ana would just get back with Ryan since he is so nice to her. On the other hand, Ana frustrates me as well. She needs to stop being so mysterious and start communicating with Andrew so that he won't assume too much.

So, Blondie6487, is the story reaching its conclusion or are there more surprises in store for us?

Update soon!
11/14/2005 c86 agela
the story is ok and all but it's to complicated andrew breaks up with ana then goes to another girl and it repates again! when will the story end? plz update again plz~
11/14/2005 c86 messy
aw poor ana
11/14/2005 c86 4quotata
. omg.. *slaps forehead*
11/14/2005 c85 5aqua-angel
*rubs eyes* it's two in the morning right now... just finishing up the stuff I need to send to my teachers regarding recc. letters. *sighs* senior year... easiest year? whoever said that is stupid. Senior year: hectic, chaotic, STRESSFUL. Gosh darnit, i'm going to lose all my hair from pulling on it. RAR. Anyways, you're not the only nightowl. Sometimes I wish I was an early bird though. I hate getting up early but once I get over the groggyness and everythign, it's really nice :)

Anyways, I like this chapter. Especially the ending because that was definitely a cool way to end. Poor Ryan, he obviously still harbors feelings for her. Paul was a jerk really, very forward and blunt. Hm... I really like the beach scene. I thought you painted everything beautifully and it was poetic. Like how she's thinking about all the moments she had with Andrew to the dancing Ryan and her are doing. In my mind, I could see it all played out. Very beautiful.

You're right. Neither Andrew nor Ana is right. It really is just grey area, just like most fights are.

LoLz. I was thinking of a belly button ring but I'm too much of a wimp to it. Does it hurt when you got yours?

Awesome chapter :) I'm very curious on how they're going to get back together and how everything is going to end. Especially about Ana and her mom too as well. Is the house already sold? Or are they getting it back? Where IS her mom anyway?

Happy writings!
11/14/2005 c85 3miss-blackhair
HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO RYAN? he's SO in for another heartbreak. oh! poor poor poor ryan. im so mourning for him. i mean, its like there's no chance of ana and ryan getting together because ana's so deep into that drama mama andrew. LOL. this is a great chappie. your style of writing's definitely improving! =) update soon! now, lets have a moment of silence in respect of Ryan's cute and so-gonna-be-broken heart. (i cant help it, ryan's so cute! i rather have him than andrew. LOL)
11/13/2005 c84 Kythia


I do not want them to break up! Will they ever be back together? Ever?


Now I am sad...
11/13/2005 c84 agela
11/13/2005 c84 5aqua-angel
Wow, Ana's quite the night-owl just like the author is LOLZ. Anyways, it was quite ironic that they first saw each other and it prolly took every ounce of strength not to jump one another, but then at the end they're off on threats and ready to rip each other's eyes out or whatever.

However, Andrew really did bring up a very good point. She has been very involved with the secrets and scandals of his family and persuading him to listen to his mom and all that. I mean, it's great that she told him that because it was the right thing to do. However, he never asked her for her solution or whatever. And then for her not to be open to him about that part of her life...

Well, let's just say I pretty much see from both their sides. I say that until they BOTH back off, the resolution will remain unresolved. Ana needs to give Andrew a chance to trust her. If they want a relationship she's going to have to be open with him. It's unfair that his is all laid out for her whereas hers is locked up. However, Andrew really needs to listen and be less... pushy in the matter as well.

Great chapter, I hope things get resolved! Hehe, and guess what? I'm now 18! How scary is that O_O my bday was last thurs. *yawns* well I really need to get to bed now. I have church in the morning =) G'nite! you need to go to bed early too! As well as Ana! lolz

happy writings!
11/12/2005 c84 3miss-blackhair
that was a very heaty argument. yupp yupp. lots of drama. cool. update soon! =)
11/12/2005 c84 11les petits bateaux
Ok I am so sorry for not reviewing your other chapters, I was just too busy to review, BUT I read it after my work. Anyways, how can Andrew not trust Ana, I mean, he already admitted his love for Ana and now he's all 'I don't trust you"? Wow. And I guess that David and Izzy are going to continue their little relationship? So far, how you described Izzy, this is the longest relationship she had with a guy? LOL. You have to update this...oh and maybe we could have a huge party when you reach your 90th chapter? lol.

11/12/2005 c84 4quotata


no offence but fragging on, cheex. kill it or save it please.. as much as i love ur stuff.. if i see another argument i wilk have to strangle andrew.
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