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2/23/2006 c91 Kerisma
I laughed, I cried, I loved it!
2/20/2006 c17 lola
that's kind of mean, of ana to kiss nick the dick (sorry i don't think hes a dick it's just the most immaturely stupid rhyme ever and it's awesome) after she apologized...what was she apologizing for? i mean, if she didn't feel remorse she should have defended her position
1/22/2006 c91 Salt and Vinegar Pringles
This was such an emotionally dramatic and overall wonderful story. I can't believe i'd never found it until now! Of course, it took me a long time to read it - 91 chaps and all - but it was so terrific and moving. there were a few times when i felt like hitting ana over the head, but that;s what makes her character and i love it~
1/3/2006 c78 Love Dune
Hey Drama's good! 3

Don't know why people can feel the need to criticize or more like, "feed you shit" so harshly. angers me, but you shouldn't stop writing this story (not that i think you were considering... but...).

Lost my frikken train of thought...

Anyway, i love your story so don't stop writing... unless you want to of course that's totally your choice... but hopefully you know what i mean? Sorry~~ X_x;
12/28/2005 c91 1Azn GirlS
phew finally finished reading ^^ It was a great story =) .Azn.Girl.
12/19/2005 c91 Avid Reader
Bit too "bimbo" and high school drama - less of that and it would get to people to a wider age group. Good Job tho!
11/30/2005 c91 1Loriency
WOT! Haha, I finally finished it. I had read to like...chapter 78 and then couldn't get on the computer for like...2 weeks, and now, I FINALLY! have a free night and decided to read a bit. So! This was really good. I think I did see the break up coming, but...some part of me was still a bit surprised. The surprise was definitely Jesse, but then again, I knwe that she'd have to punch him sometime; just get some form of revenge. I was honestly almost expecting for Iz to come out and say quietly "I think I do love David," but I guess not. Oh well. Think you'll write a sequel? or is that what the other story is? The one w/ Erik.

Haha, I almost feel sorry for Erik. he's like my bro, Jeremiah. Always the all-around nice guy, the one person I know I can always trust (even though I have 9 siblings), and the one brother I go to with problems. He'll prolly be my Erik when I have problems...not that I'll ever have problems like Ana's, lol.

Anyway, the story was awesome. No, really, it was. You are definitely one of the best writers on this site so far (ya never know what with this site), and if you ever make enough money (say...a spare 500, haha), you should definitely get this published. I, for one, would buy it. And, if you ever DO decide to get it published, I'm sure that if you just send out an email or put up one more chapter or a new story or something that says "hey! I'm getting published! This is the title (you definitely will need a new title; even I know that), and this is my name, so in the next half a year or so, BUY MY BOOK!" haha. SO yeah.

Btw, I checked out your author's page and you have not only no poetry but more than 5 stories that are all novels. how do you DO that? I mean...I can a lot of ideas, yes, but I can never work with them. How do you find an idea that you really get inspired for? I never write a story unless I know that I'll awnt to finish it...and What Lies Beneath (my one main story on here) was only an English project, so that doesn't count. Any suggestions?

Love always,Ency
11/23/2005 c91 1XanderK
Wow I just read this story over the past few days and I must say it's really fabulous! You should try to get this published! (Just go a little more easy on the swearing. ^^)

It's a great story and it had me hooked!

11/23/2005 c91 leila
wow! amazing story, i can't believe it's finished, i've been following this story for the last 40 odd chapters so i was kinda expecting more chapters after this one ... but the ending is ... *thinking of the right word* ...it's, well, right. does that make sense? i hope so! keep writing, i'll be reading!
11/22/2005 c91 4quotata
w00t! picture perfect.. really has come full circle.
11/21/2005 c91 5aqua-angel
*squeals* I can't wait for Erik's story, he is just so sweet I could just hug him and squeeze all the air out of him =D Gosh he's adorable... *sighs dreamily* If only more guys like him existed. They all seem to be taken or er, something. Wait, what the heck am I talking about? I'm not dating! Oy, I'll just stick with my imaginary husband then.

Wonderful story Blondie, it's been a marvelous journey. It was pretty awesome to see them grow up and mature, realizing who they really are. LoLz, I just love you author's note. You're right, at first I didn't know whether or not you were pulling my string xD

Hope you're doing well! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeves ^_~

Happy writings!
11/21/2005 c91 3miss-blackhair
*dancing all over the place* woot woot. AWESOME JOB, GAL! brilliantly written. =) great, i enjoyed it thoroughly. all the 91 chaps are really cool. hope you write more other stories. muacks.
11/21/2005 c91 BreeZ
EK! Blondie! No! I'm going to miss you! u have to make another story that I can comment on. This was an incredible story...and...OH NO! You DIDN'T reach 100 chapters! We can't have our 100th chappy party! AGH! Finally, we will have an End-of-Story Party. Here, Virtual Chocolate-covered Strawberries and Virtual Virgin Starberry Daquiri and Virtual...er...anything else. HAPPY END OF STORY! And write another soon.
11/21/2005 c91 17The Aphrodite Effect
YAY! you like fall out boy! YES!
11/21/2005 c91 steve
Really enjoyed your story 'the shadow', kept me entertained day by day and didnt lose my interest one bit, sad to see that its ended though.Keep up the good work.
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