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10/20/2005 c59 messy
lol. Iz cracks me up.
10/20/2005 c59 kelyn
actually i think ryans better for her and andrew doesn't deserve her anymore, he can have rebecca.

10/20/2005 c59 none
well, at least nicoles with them
10/20/2005 c59 Eclipsed Mind
one would never guess that rebecca was such a little bitch
10/20/2005 c59 Cherise
I had no idea Rebecca could be like that. Talk about having two faces.
10/20/2005 c59 1Under Deliberation
REBECCA! She went fom chic to bitch. GOD I WANNA PUNCH HER...REALLY HARD TOO!. Go Iz beat the shit out of that hussy.Update soon.THIS is now like the story I make sure to check every day. thanks to you i have to cram for a test i just cant get enough of not only this story but all your other ones too. I LOVE IT!
10/20/2005 c56 Under Deliberation
Uh OH ...I think i like ryan a lil bit more than andrew already and hes a newbie.love it
10/20/2005 c59 embersilence
-Eye twitches insanely- That bitch is annoying the shit out of me. x.o Why can't you let Iz hire a bunch of thugs and jump her? Kick her stupid ass and shove her down the toilet and flush it and then smash her whoring face onto the mirror and then kick her on the ribs when she falls to the floor... x_x GODDAMMIT! What the hell? Andrew neds to break up with that bitch. Shove her down the stairs! Yes, yes, let's hurt her. =K That'd make the story my interesting. xD

I like Ryan so far though. ^^ -Pokes him- It's nice to know he'll strip anywhere he damn please. ;) Olala. xD

Anyways, update soon! ^^ Btw, I love the way you update.. =)
10/20/2005 c59 anono
ugh...i can't believe out of all people to date, andrew's dating someone like HER. he should throw away his pride for like 2 minutes and just dump her. and 59 chapters and still no andrew and ana? if something doesn't happen between them soon i'm going to go insane.
10/20/2005 c58 desdamona77
OMG! I'm dying to know if Ana and Andrew get together! Good stuff!
10/20/2005 c58 none
i like izzy
10/20/2005 c19 11les petits bateaux
Wow...it must be difficult for Ana in rehab. I actually feel sorry for her. Ana really has her whole world crashing down on her, with all the Andrew-Nick thing (well I think it's really settled that she's falling for Nick too) and her staying away from Isabella and also the rocky road her mum and her are going down now. Good luck, Ana.

10/20/2005 c18 les petits bateaux
Staying away from your best friend. Well. You could still call Izzy Ana's best friend, right? Nancy would probably think Izzy influenced Ana or something. This love triangle has to stop sooner or later, it's beginning to grab others out of the blue and causing one whole problem. Wonderful chap, Blondie! Bravo!

10/20/2005 c58 Eclipsed Mind
O please let there be a cat fight
10/20/2005 c17 les petits bateaux
Oo-k, I still don't know why Ana is choosing Nick over Andrew...I mean, can't she see that Andrew has liked her before Nick has? Gah, this story keeps getting better and better!

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