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10/20/2005 c58 4quotata
tell ur roomies to read and appreciate ur story =Þ
10/20/2005 c56 quotata
i'm so obsessed i started typing "anana" as my email address to login in =.=

she has all these hot guys *sighs in jealousy*
10/20/2005 c14 11les petits bateaux
Attitude. Pure attitude.
10/20/2005 c13 les petits bateaux
I still don't get it. Does this mean that Ana likes Nick since she didn't believe Andrew? Or was Ana fed up because Andrew was too jealous? Hmm...loads of unanswered questions. And Ana shouldn't just slap him like that! I guess she's just too angry with the whole Nick, Andrew and Izzy thing. Good chap.

10/20/2005 c12 les petits bateaux
I love drama! But I hate the fact that Nick is kissing Ana too much. Ack. Good chap.

10/20/2005 c11 les petits bateaux
Ok now, I really hate you. You need to get Andrew to smash that cell of his so they can kiss. Oh God, now Nick is the one who kissed Ana? No! Anyways, I think Ana is more comfortable with Andrew than Nick. Just thinking. Wow, I think Iz really got drunk but I admire her battle with the Bad Bitch, Bridgette. Yeah. Good chap.

10/20/2005 c10 les petits bateaux
Yay! They'll kiss! *jumps for joy* Oh please, let them kiss! Personally, I think I'm beginning to like Andrew and Ana together...but what about Nick? Hmm...gotta think. Anyways, as usual, great story.

10/20/2005 c58 messy
she's happy!
10/20/2005 c9 les petits bateaux
Now, I definitely see where you're going in your summary. Nick and Andrew! Of course! Both of them fell for Ana. But the thing is...what would Iz say when she finds out about Nick and Ana. Oh God, the drama! Wonderful story so far except for the few mistakes here and there. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

10/20/2005 c7 les petits bateaux
Now, I HATE YOU! How can you leave your chapter like that with a cliffhanger! Did he kiss her? Did he not? Will Iz cut in the both of them? Great story so far, and way to heat things up with the party. Woo-hoo!

10/20/2005 c58 6buttshovingmonster
One of the best stories I've read so far! You are so getting on my author alert list man... UPDATE! Can't wait for more.
10/20/2005 c58 tricia
Just to let you know you still have loyal readers out here. I'm really enjoying your story, and I love how quickly the udates come. You must be committed! Thanks for a great read.
10/20/2005 c3 11les petits bateaux
Uh-oh...things are getting steamy between Ana and Andrew...I mean, seeing her in a towel maybe a pretty sight for Andrew. I think maybe this is when the sparks really start, eh?

10/20/2005 c58 justaguestfornow
Boo...hehe you update real fast, girl. Anyways...WHY IS ANDREW STILL WITH REBECCA? Oh I don't think she's a skank but she DID lie to them...why'd she have to lie to them anyway? Just a query. :)
10/20/2005 c58 3miss-blackhair
YAY! you updated! im SO HAPPY! sorry couldnt review earlier coz i have school and LAUNDRY to do. can you believe it? LOl. anw, the thing with Ryan was AWESOME! i LOVE that part. i feel like i wanna read that chapter again! hahah.. you have a great sense of humor. iz is a really great character. and its so obvious andrew's jealous. why didnt he dump rebecca? but if he did, things would be less hectic i guess. hahah.. so, yeah, i CANT wait for them to see rebecca! =) hmm... will andrew protect her or something? update soon!
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