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10/20/2005 c57 none
i cant believe that Andrew didnt break up w/ Rebecca (i hate her, bitch). oh well, he'll realize his mistake sooner or later.
10/19/2005 c56 none
wow! i wish i coulda been there! lol hot guy without a shirt! :P but i thought ana had her eyes set on Andrew? or is she still gonna go out with Ryan?
10/19/2005 c56 5aqua-angel
WOW hahaha the police officer scene cracked me up so much! You had set up a pretty tense situation with the whole ex-factor and crummy week and then BAM! "Sir, stripping is prohibited here" hahahaha and then the cop radios in and tells them the "situation" is taken care of xD haha a very, very nice touch =D

Oh and I think you meant gun instead of guy. I had to reread that a bit xD

Oh boy... Andrew is probably going to have a fit about the shirt she has on =P Oh well, I think it's about time for him to get a dose jealousy. A very high dose! MWHAHAHAHA-*coughs* well, perhaps that would be too cruel... eh, maybe not. Is Andrew and Rebecca still together? I mean, the last time we saw her she WAS making out with him *disgusted look*.

*sighs* I can't believe Ryan did that... you know... still he sounds pretty cute and all *sheepish grin*
10/19/2005 c56 messy
yayayayya another chapter! i think what happened was that the story wasn't showing up. i kept refreshing the page but i didnt see anything new come up for a couple of hours. maybe that's why no one reviewed yet. but i'm happy :). wow, he took the shirt off of his back for her. it was such a nice gesture. actually, i'm liking ryan now. he's cute. ana should be having loads of fun with him when they go out and stuff.
10/19/2005 c54 aqua-angel
I'm not done reading the rest of the chapters you posted up but I just wanted to give you a huge thumbs up for the mention of the Cheesecake Factory... I LOVE THAT PLACE! Expensive but so good =)
10/19/2005 c55 messy
u know i was waiting for u to update all night lol. i just love this story soo much. neway.. that was kinda weird.. so does ryan want to talk to her now or is this the end of going out blind dates with Iz? can't wait for more!
10/19/2005 c54 messy
hmm.. why's ryan so untalkative?
10/19/2005 c53 1LACS89
I absolutely LOVE it! oh man its awesome how many chapters do you think it will take?
10/19/2005 c53 1Under Deliberation
AWW MAN! YOUR LEAVING? i thinks im gonna cry * sob,sob* I'll Miss you speedines and finding out another piece of this story everyday,but i'll survive. (i'll try) . Update ... Whenever . :(

10/19/2005 c53 star
heyello..! i love this storyy! i stayed up teh whole night just to read ur entire story and it was worth every second! please update soon...and keep up the good work!
10/19/2005 c53 4quotata
"word."? ^-^; *puzzled*

double dates.. fun fun =Þ
10/19/2005 c53 2Bimbo-Trouble
its good...there's lots of emotions in the story and its very long...well done...
10/19/2005 c53 3miss-blackhair
AK! that was an awesome, very nice, very cool chappie. LOL. andrew's so sweet! i cant wait for them to double. hahah.. good luck for your history. =)
10/19/2005 c53 5aqua-angel
Well, I'm glad Andrew apologized =S They definitely still have that "thing" going on between them though I really think Andrew is going to have to do a lot more than just say sorry. I'm sure he feels really really bad about what he said and did but he's going to have to pull it together and go the extra mile. They both need to face the issue of this "thing" between them.

YoWcH! You might be getting sick because of staying up all night long and everything~ yuck, I hate those feeling; Your stomach is queasy and your eyes keep twitching... But all the time spent with your best guys and gals are worth it. Hehe hallmark moment. ...kind of. Wow that IS a long time ago... but even I can't remember when was the last time I went to bed that early! Well I hope you feel better and good luck with your homework and midterm! Study hard! You can do it! Go get 'em tiger!

Happy writings! Take care!
10/18/2005 c53 justaguestfornow
Sorry I freaked ya out...no worries...no death threats anymore...YOU POSTED! And that's what matters...Yay Andrew and Ana's okay! WHE
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