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10/18/2005 c53 Eclipsed Mind
all three actually
10/18/2005 c53 none
aw! there so cute when their uncomfortable :) and how tall is andrew (i love that name)?
10/18/2005 c53 1Katsui Adonis

I hope your marks pick up :)
10/18/2005 c53 17The Aphrodite Effect
you know, we should have another party when your reviews reach 200. i think this would be 197. . . anyhoodles, this was exactly what i needed before going to bad. yay!
10/18/2005 c53 2Hug a Tree
ah! andrew is so sweet! they are gonna hook up soon i hope!
10/18/2005 c53 messy
aw.. i know how u feel. i hope u do better in history! what history are u taking?
10/18/2005 c44 The Renegade Heart
Wow.. That's a real brain-whirler.. Ana's Mom being a drinker I mean.. And it's kind of sad. But it's nice that Andrew still cares.. After everything Ana went through with him.. x.X
10/18/2005 c53 BreeZ
Yes. Chocolate= good, just like Lemon Heads = little yellow balls of lemony goodness. Im happy. My school is selling chocolate on campus. See's candy bars. Milk, some plain, some w/ toffe, some with almonds. Oh yummy toffee and choco! Candy bar anyone? Keep writing!
10/18/2005 c53 Myrrh
yay updates! keep them coming! i hope andrew won't be mad when he finds out (if) that it was really ana...great work!
10/18/2005 c52 1Under Deliberation
Go annoyining suitemates, keep blondie up!( j/k). I thought rebecca maybe was good chick . but i was wrong. I loved this chapter(of course i love all the chapters) update soon, I LOVE THIS!
10/18/2005 c52 messy
lol a hoe. what's funnier is that andrew didnt realize that ana was in iz's bed. i guess it was too dark. but wow he actually confessed his true feelings! yay
10/18/2005 c52 Kythia
Ahahahahaha! I love it!

htat was great. Pure genius. I loved how Andrew totally said "I love you" at the end, and how Ana was all "I love you too."


10/18/2005 c52 justaguestfornow
AH! I am obsessed! If you don't post anytime soon, I will be forced to take action (ie cut your head, make your brains drip out fo your ear etc) and obsessed girls are never responsible for their actions...WHE! Andrew confessed!
10/18/2005 c52 Eclipsed Mind
wow... thats all, just wow...
10/18/2005 c52 3miss-blackhair
that was kinda funny to me. i thought you forgot to write the change in pov but yeah, ana pretended to be iz. LOL. andrew thinking his sis actually said 'i love you'. hahahah. its one of the best chappie so far. i had a good laugh. maybe my sense of humor is strange. =) update soon!
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