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10/17/2005 c49 1Stevshals
i can't wait for you to update!
10/17/2005 c49 Eclipsed Mind
that cold rat bastard. damm, i think im getting into this story to much. which could be a good thing
10/17/2005 c49 1Under Deliberation
OH! that was HARSH. Hmm... andrew lost about half of his brownie points for that lil comment. I LOVE how you update so quickly , you are my FP role model .update soon (i dont have to worry about that though , huh :) GOD I LOVE THIS STORY!
10/17/2005 c49 17The Aphrodite Effect
ooh! party! i'll bring the cake! but whos gonna spike the lemonade?
10/17/2005 c49 Kythia
Ouch. Andrew is harsh. Really harsh. That Nick comment was ruthless.

My high opion of him just dropped two notches.

It is good that she has Erik there for comfort. Sometimes I wish I could rely on my big brother like that. It would be so amazing to have someone that close to you, who was a family member.

I want to know what happens!

10/17/2005 c48 2BreeZ
When you get to 50, you should have a celebration. 50 IS halfway to 100, you know. And I can't wait for the rest!
10/17/2005 c48 4quotata
i think its a bit of an over reaction but... *shrug*
10/17/2005 c48 Eclipsed Mind
thats sad. but she deserved it.
10/17/2005 c47 10ERSM333
Well, this is me on my account. Oh! More drama! I would have been pissed if someone had lied to me like that, but they are being a little harsh. Wow, I know I was talking about the OC before but now its more apparent in my mind. I can picture Isabella looking exactly like Marissa, and Ana looking just like Summer. And the other characters remind of people I actually know! It's really amazing! You write so well, and quickly! Keep going! I absolutely can't wait!

10/17/2005 c47 Cherise
Oh my gosh, I can't believe that! I KNEW they were the mystery couple, but I never imagined that Izzy would blow one like THAT! Now I cant wait to see the brother sister show down that comes next chapter!
10/17/2005 c47 5aqua-angel
Oh no! *puts hands over eyes* I'm scared for them... does Andrew love her? What does Rebecca mean by "you don't understand" is there soemthing more to the drama? Is she in love with him? Gah... another cliffhnger. *sighs* anyways, how was teh vacation? I hope you had a good time wherever you were =) Take care!
10/17/2005 c47 2Hug a Tree
o. this is gonna be a good fight...
10/17/2005 c47 messy
keep going keep going! i wanna see the rest of this. rebecca so deserves it for sneaking behind their backs. gosh.. what a friend she was..
10/17/2005 c47 Kythia
AH ah ah! I want to know what is next!

Great chapter. Great cliffie :grumbles:

I love how Izzy is smiling while swearing at Becca. I can just see this image of it in my head...
10/17/2005 c47 1Under Deliberation
isnt that a bit over the top, a bit dramatic? i mean she was just dating her brother and i bet if they would let her explain she would have a good reason why she did it. Well Anywayz AWESOME AWESOME story . I love the charachters , ALL of them .
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