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10/14/2005 c46 none
10/14/2005 c46 messy
omgosh they ARE going out!
10/14/2005 c46 5aqua-angel

IT'S TRUE! AH! Wow... I can't believe those two denied it. How did they meet up anyway? Some very interesting turn of events here... hm

Great updates =) Gosh darnit, I must go and nap. I went to bed at 2 to finish homework and had to wake up 6 ish for a class that turned out to be canceled *murderous look* and so I just finished up with all my other junk. Thank goodness for Friday!

Yeah that's true... Nick was meant to be lost xD It's still so sad that he acted so rashly and stuff. =(

It's gonna be one interesting party now =D
10/14/2005 c46 2Invisible Confidante
How do you write so FAST and so WELL? I'm jealous :P

This is an amazing story - and I knew it was going to be Rebecca and Andrew all along, I did! (Except when I thought it was Nick, but that didn't last very long). Poor Ana! Everything's going wrong for her (except Iz - don't I wish I had a filthy rich, amazingly nice best friend...).
10/14/2005 c46 DiddlingFiddles
**SCREAM** dammn women you cant just leave me hanging there
10/14/2005 c46 4quotata
i was more like.. "YOU LIED!"
10/14/2005 c46 3miss-blackhair
awesome! awesome twist! i like it. its really easy and enjoyable to read since the chaps are short and all. i LIKE it a lot. aahh! cant wait for more. wonder wats gonna happen after this. oohh.
10/14/2005 c46 justaguest
UGH! NO cliffies! you horrible writers always with the cliffies. I KNEW it was Rebecca. Come on...Charlotte is like...WHAT? Come on...stop with the cliffies!
10/14/2005 c43 none
FINE. Lol! :)
10/13/2005 c44 4quotata
aw so sweet...

nono.. what i eamnt was.. i understood the concept.. but what is it in baseball? (is it baseball?)
10/13/2005 c43 3miss-blackhair
aww.. isnt the awkward stuff between andrew and ana sweet. =)
10/13/2005 c43 4quotata
charlotte? was that a joke? shame on u for teasing us, cheex.

curveball.. u noe i hear that phrase so often because of american teen movies so i get the IDEA but i don't really know the story behind it..LoL sports anaologies yay.. .

anyway.. i remembered where i left off thsi time.. yay for me! and i'm so curious..so write..how did ur history ass go?
10/13/2005 c42 Kythia
You are lying to us all.

She really is dating Andrew, I just know it. She has to be dating Andrew!

Sorry that I dissapeared off the face of the earth. I have so many papers to write and projects do that I really should still be gone form this earth. I think I am going to pull an all nighter just so that I can get it done...

Update soon! All your updates have been marvelous!

10/13/2005 c42 3miss-blackhair
cool chap. =)
10/13/2005 c42 The Renegade Heart
Lmfao, GO PROCRASTINATERS! ;D Good chapter. Update soon (and I know you can lol).. =]
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