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10/13/2005 c42 none
come on, not even a hint?
10/13/2005 c3 8Keladry4
oh! Hot stuff...readin through chappies. All of them are great, keep up the great work...must continue...reading
10/13/2005 c15 i'mjustaguest
Ah...you people who don't like ana, why you reading it? Blondie, go on writing babe
10/13/2005 c41 3miss-blackhair
yeah, who's dating andrew then? i cant wait to find out! =)
10/13/2005 c41 none
wow! ur a fast writer. (thats a GOOD thing!) so if rebecca isnt dating andrew then who is? is it a new character?
10/12/2005 c40 5aqua-angel
Yikes! I can't believe Nick hit Andrew =S Those two used to be best friends too... that's kind of sad. I'm curious to whose Ana's boyfriend is now. Has he ever been introduced before? *shruggs* can't wait for the next chappie ^^ Good luck!
10/12/2005 c40 4quotata
sif u didnt plan for it to happen like this so we would all try and guess and be WRONG =Þ

but honestly, thank you for clearing it up! ^-^
10/11/2005 c40 3miss-blackhair
very interesting.. it made me really think. but im still confused. lol. i think im dumb. LOL. im still thinking they're together. haha.. i'll wait for more chaps from you! =)
10/11/2005 c40 The Renegade Heart
Aww.. You're so considerate of us. =D Yeah I was wondering about Rebecca and Andrew.. Can't wait till the next chapter. And you? You have no life. xDD J/K. But thanks from us all for updating fast. It makes us happy when we see our Inbox exploding with Author Alerts from you lmfao. =P And now..? Off to do my history project.. *Sigh* I'm such a procrastinater.. o.o;
10/11/2005 c40 Eclipsed Mind
i still believe they are together
10/11/2005 c38 messy
gosh nick seems kinda quick tempered and volent
10/11/2005 c38 4quotata
i know rebecca entered in 23.. but how si that relevant to the possiblility of her being andrews new gf?..well.. old now..eh?
10/11/2005 c38 kellebe
omg. drew is such a hottie. love him lots.
10/11/2005 c38 alyssa
i love this story and i love your quick updates! btw- andrew is amazing..!
10/10/2005 c36 5aqua-angel
By the way, I just wanted to add on to my last comment about how much I love Ana's brother. He's a doll!
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