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10/10/2005 c37 5aqua-angel
Hey there, I really enjoyed reading this. =) I think Andrew is so adorable~ I just want to hug him and squeeze him. Is he going out with Rebecca though? =S Anyways, I like the style of your writing and how everything flows. The beginning chapters were awesome, it literally seemed like the pieces came together and the chemistry between the characters is intriguing. =D Awesome work and I can't wait to read your next update! *huffs* now I needta go do my homework... bleh.

Happy writings!
10/10/2005 c35 breeZ
I lurve how often this is updated! You are the only person i know who can write fast enough to keep up with my reading! Hooray! This story is great! I hope Andrew and Ana get together soon!1
10/10/2005 c35 1Katsui Adonis
Ek. You updated with a bunch of chapters so fast. :)

I love this story!

I think Ana and Andrew would make a better couple anyways...I so hope she dumps Nick.
10/10/2005 c34 messy
i just love how fast u update! the story is coming along really well.
10/10/2005 c34 SAngel
keep up the good work!
10/10/2005 c12 chelce
First of all, the story is about Ana being overshadowed by Izzy but so far everyone likes Ana and not Izzy. Secondly why would she do stuff with Nick if she didn't have feelings for him and her best friend was in love with him? Especially when she's blatantly attracted to Andrew?
10/10/2005 c34 2Hug a Tree
please let it be Andrew that picks her up! i am crossing my fingers! ha ha.
10/10/2005 c34 Megan
10/10/2005 c33 Hug a Tree
oh! something bad is going to happen i can tell! what tho? that drunk guy is goin to try and do sumthin to her and... Andrew is gonna come to the rescue? oh i hope so. update!
10/10/2005 c32 4quotata
i didnt skip any chapters! (did i?)

u just want me to re read and re-review.. which fp.com won't let me anyway =Þ


i'll go make sure anyway.. g'luck with history.. studying is the one thing most of use should do more.. but we dont because there are more fun things to do, so i understand!
10/10/2005 c32 The Renegade Heart
Wow.. You update really fast.. =3 I can't wait 'til the next chappie! Update soon (which you probably will =D)!
10/10/2005 c31 quotata

u update so fast i couldnt even remember which chapter i finished at last time!
10/10/2005 c22 quotata
O.o what did i say in my last review for u to ask me if i'm alright? LoL..
10/10/2005 c31 2the next best thing
this is so great. ive never known someone who can write so fast. every time i log on you've got 5 more chapters updated. i dont know what im gonna do when the story is finished. keep going. i love it!
10/9/2005 c31 Eclipsed Mind
its andrew and rebecca isnt it... hm, sort of a love triangle with for people. and if it wasnt past two a.m. i would so figure out the real name for it. but yea.. keep it going, im checking daily for this story
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