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11/21/2005 c91 Icy-Touch
Awsome story
11/21/2005 c91 58slowlydancingtothestars
...the end...-_-...
11/21/2005 c91 4DeliciousAmbiguity
It's over? I love this fic! And it's over? Wow. Great job on it, I definitely love it. One of my favorites.
11/21/2005 c91 2Hug a Tree
congrats! such an accomplishment! i love this story so much and even though i am happy it's over, i hafta admit, i am sad... tear tear. lol. get workin on another story woman!
11/21/2005 c91 Kythia
Yeah, you think that you are funny. The End, ha ha ha.

I hate you.

Actually, I love you, because all of your stories are amazing, and I cannot wait to read the next one.

Loriency is mah buddy in real life, and she is pretty awesome. We go to camp together.

Thanks for thinking that I am rad, I think that you are pretty rad yourself!


Well, this is my last review until a) an epilouge, or b) your next story.

So, until then,

11/21/2005 c91 Lilly
Really? THE end? Your not just messing with us?... huh. Well, IF it is, kudos on the excellent story.
11/21/2005 c91 HadToBeMe
what? no? nuh uh...I dont believe its over...I refuse to believe its over...HOW CAN IT BE OVER? This just isnt...no
11/21/2005 c91 5Angel302
hey, it was a great story that had a great ending. it was a really great story.

11/21/2005 c46 2lyokolady
HOLY CRAP! How could she? I knew it! I knew it! And then you trick me with that earlier chapter! HOLY CRAP!
11/21/2005 c40 lyokolady
Wow...I was surprised that it wasn't Andrew. I thought for sure...maybe it's Jsse or Nick or something. Can't wait to find out!

11/21/2005 c31 lyokolady
Now I'm almost SURE it's Rebecca. Oh the drama!
11/21/2005 c30 lyokolady
I'm guessing who Rebecca's secret guy is...Andrew? Great story...although the drama is way up there and Ana's slang is kind of overrated but other then that I love this story. i hate Nick though and wish Rebecca would just go with Andrew!

11/21/2005 c91 9milenaa
OMG that was so cool! i cant believe it's over i really liked this story. yeah Gilmore Girls really is a rocking show. I always watch it too. Yeah the OC has been pretty boring. I actually hate the Ryan Marissa couple and apparently they're sticking together, what sucks lol. Lol your friend sounds funny! anyways i can hardly wait for until you have a new story up! good work!
11/21/2005 c91 little devil
omygd that ended quick but it was gr8 i loved the story from the beginning! and o my uve wrote a lot of story ill hav to do a lot of reaking from now on!
11/21/2005 c91 1Elemental Moon
Ahh...::snaps fingers:: I said, update soon on the other review, but then there won't be any more updates! Phooey. What did Ana and Izzy mean by "black and white?" I loved your story even though I wasn't there from day 1..sorry. But I still loved it and good luck on your other stories kay?
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