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10/9/2005 c29 1Stevshals
This sounds pretty good. Update soon!
10/9/2005 c29 3miss-blackhair
it got me laughing at some parts. real nice. =)
10/9/2005 c29 3MandyRenae
OMG! I am dieing here, When are Ana and Andrew gonna get together? It's not fair, I've been waiting since he saw her in the towel!
10/9/2005 c28 2Hug a Tree
i like it and thanku for bringing andrew back into the story!i really want to find out exactly why andrew hit nick!
10/9/2005 c28 2That'sNotMe
I have this itching feeling that Andrew is the honourable one... Is Nick a scoundrel? Hurry up with the next chapter! I haven't found a good story on Fictionpress in ages... I need this, haha.

10/9/2005 c3 That'sNotMe
All gushing about Andrew aside (I have to say that Vicks here has a little crush, whether or not he's intended as the hero) I must comment on Izzy. She is the blonde, blue-eyed clone of my cousin's brunette, black-eyed best friend. She's very real, in the manner of unrealistic people. Fabulous, I love it!

10/9/2005 c28 Kythia
Nick is quite a gentelmen... opening car doors and such. I wish my boy friend would do that for me. Oh, wait, I don't have a boyfriend! Lol.

But seriously, Nick seems to be good boyfriend material. However, somehow, I feel like I am going to eat my words, and he is going to turn out to be some devil spawn character that I will hate you for putting in the story.

But, for now, he is cool. As is Andrew. Two really good guys. Decisions, decisions. I do not know what one I like better.

Nick has a cute li'ul brother.

:dance in circles:

I love it when you update!

10/9/2005 c26 jdfhnjd
"I cannot just “accept” that some people think my character is an idiot when she isn’t."

You wrote a whole statement with conviction but blew it with the sentence above. You seem to have missed the point. 'Idiot', 'dipshit', are the terms which I've used to describe Ana. Obviously, it's MY OPINION, because that's how I percieved her to be through her actions. She does something that may seem logical to you but that thing may happen to warrant as a action done by an idiot to me. By telling me, 'NO she isn't' isn't going to wade my opinion of her. What I find hard to believe is that you are extremely adamant in refusing to accept the idea that some people may not think the way you do. In every one of my reviews where i've expressed my dislike for ana, I've EXPLICITLY stated that it was MY OPINION, but then in every subsequent chapter, you put up an author's note calling me 'immature' or 'i don't like you'. Do you see why I think that that display is immature? Because you thought it appropriate to attack me personally for something that I thought of your character. I have never went on a tangent to malign YOU or your WRITING, but you sought it fit to prescribe some of your banter towards me.

Perphaps I've instigated the whole thing, but that's because I've done it before to alot of stories I've read but never has the writer taken it personally as you have.

We've already agreed to disagree.

"I’ve only responded to your accusations that my character is a skank, dickhead, and dipshit"

They are not accusations, BTW. I have, on a multitude of times EXPLICITLY stated that it was my opinion. Obviously different scenarios are subject to different interpretations so please don't take my words out of context.

"By the way, if you think my character is so stupid, why are you still reading this?"

Again, you failed to even read the point of my review(s). I've said a number of times that I felt your story was well written and an asshat for a main character isn't nessessarily synonymous to a crappy story. However, for your information, I thought the plot went abit sour after about chapter 20 so that is when I discontinued reading it, ony reviewing in response to you calling me 'immature' and the likes. I would have written a review on the actual story but I felt that you would disregard it as you have shown previously, so I thought, 'why bother.'

With that said, If you feel inclined to respond to this review, then please do so, however, I'll just like to let you know that I won't be so dedicated as to check back here anymore so I won't read it, so I wouldn't waste my time.
10/9/2005 c27 Kythia

:runs in circles:

Who is it? I gotta know!

So if Erik is 19, how much younger is Ana? 2 years? 3? I am assuming she is at least a jounior in highschool.

I can't wait for the next update!

10/9/2005 c27 Myrrh
no...not ana and nick back together...that can't be...where's andrew? update soon...keep up the good work!
10/9/2005 c27 2Hug a Tree
wowsa! you update fast! but that's cool cause i really hate waiting! well, like i said before, please please please don't make her go for nick. i mean, he seems okay, but there's just something about him. Andrew please! where has Andrew been and what exactly was the fight over? i know it was over her, but i ned details! and please have andrew in the story soon! keep up the good work! i love this story!
10/8/2005 c26 Emilea
aww. thats so sad.. 'enjoying your coffee? hahaha. sweet.
10/8/2005 c27 Emilea
WOW. adding this to mai faves FOR SURE its so good. keep up the goOd work!

babe anjwl.x
10/8/2005 c27 1tournesols
The giggle at the end of the chapter is extremely creepy, but still funny... but more creepy. -shivers-
10/8/2005 c27 WriterLovesChanningTatum12
hey! nice story! really long but interesting. cant wait for an upddate.~noelle
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