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10/8/2005 c27 kelyn
younger siblings are so much fun

10/8/2005 c27 pocket.mouse.poppet
AH!no!no more cliffies!please.

Anyway, just read all of it, like it lots, and hope the holy author can update soon.*grovels*

shinies to all!
10/8/2005 c19 The Renegade Heart
Wow.. Very intense.. And after reading like, 15 chapters in a row, I'm not that surprised. But, as always, awesome chappies!
10/8/2005 c15 Anonymous
Is this going to be one of those cliches that end up with andrew and ana, and iz and nick?
10/8/2005 c22 djdhajaj
Ana is a dipshiet! (IMO) if you understand- it refers to 'in my opinion'. If by calling me immature just because of my certain perception of a character in your story isn't consistent with your attempts to portray a likeable persona, then look at yourself because you may just be the immature one here. If you're going to present a story on fictionpress, DO NOT expect everyone to perceive to think that EVERYONE will interpret and warm to a character like you will. We are humans capable of thought, thankyou very much. You as a writer can write a story, but you cannot tell the reader WHAT to think. And I thought it was immature of YOU to try a skew people's opinions on ana as to try to justify her actions and force us to empathize with her. Just accept that some people think your main character is an idiot. That doesn't nessessarily inflict insult on your writing as there are many good stories with asshats for main characters, but it certainly reflects on the attitude of the writer and her inability to accept negative feedback, especially when she starts to go on a diatribe about how someone is immature just because that person doesn't agree with her. Grow up.
10/8/2005 c25 sarah
wow, you rock.

Erik came out suddenly and said sth unexpected. And i totally agree with Ana about trusting her.

Way to go, Ana!
10/8/2005 c25 Myrrh
i don't seem to have a life this weekend either...lol...well, really good...nice job erik...can't wait to see more...update soon, and keep up the good work!
10/8/2005 c25 Kythia
GO Erik! I :heart: Erik!

I do not like thier mother, though. Although I can see how her reaction is totally normal and mother like, I just dont like how she keeps on messing up every bloody thing. Well, I guess it wouldnt be the story without her.

Please do not let her get sent to boarding school! That would be horrible! Ah! I cannot even think about it.

Question: How old IS Erik. Older than Ana, but how much older. And how old is Ana? 16, 17, 18?

I cannot wait for the next update. Whoohoo!

10/8/2005 c24 Kythia
What do you mean, you are not at liberty to dicuss Rebecca's boyfriend? Do you know how utterly EVIL that is? :tears at hair: Is it because I am right? :shifty eyes:

I am really, really glad you updated. Twice! Thank you so much. I am going to read the next ones! Whoot!

10/8/2005 c23 Myrrh
wow...i love the ending of this chapter...but it leaves ya hanging...update update more! you're the fastest updater i've ever read, AND the writing is good! man, ana really needs to be with andrew, not nick, and her mom needs to stop controlling her life so much...i can't wait to see how it all turns out...keep up the good work, and keep updating really really really fast!
10/8/2005 c23 Kythia
Please update? I know you just did like, 45 minutes ago. But I really, really want to know what happens.

Is Rebecca's boyfriend Nick? I think that it is. that would be such a twist. Like, he was cheating... *sqeal* I am problably way off, but I just had to guess.


10/8/2005 c16 Kythia

I have you on my author alert list, so I was waiting for you to have 15= chapters on your story before i started reading it. (Personal policy- if there are less, than i always want more of the story, because it have not developed alot yet..)

So when I just kept on getting the alerts, I jumped in and started reading.

It is a classic story. (For you, that is). And because it is classic, it is totally awesome. Whoo!

i loved the last line of this chapter! I canont wait to read the next!

*clicks the [ ] button.*

10/8/2005 c21 7CallMeCute
well, i was hoping she would choose andrew
10/8/2005 c21 Untouchable Stars
This is a pretty neat story.
10/8/2005 c21 Myrrh
i love your story, but ana and andrew really need to get together, not ana and nick...or at least that's my opinion...i love the fast updates...update more, and keep up the good work!
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