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10/8/2005 c21 kelyn
busted. dun dun dun.hah~K
10/8/2005 c21 Tiny Silver Robot
I agree with Hug a Tree, let Ana get together with Andrew!

Either way would interest me though, because I love this story :)
10/8/2005 c21 4quotata

(not in my most constructive state..)
10/8/2005 c19 sjkdjasf
Okay, I apologise for calling Ana a skank, taking into account her 'past' in rehab, her drinking problem and all that jazz. Finally a chapter that actually makes sense. It really explains why her mom n very protective of her in the earlier chapters. Before this chapter, Ana could be any 2 dimensional idiot. Vindicated at last. :]
10/8/2005 c17 djdhajaj
Ana is a dickhead!
10/8/2005 c21 5Angel302

very cool, glad that they are friends again. love to read more,

10/7/2005 c21 none
uhh ohh. lol. y does she listen to her mom anyway? why doesnt she just see isabella even w/out her moms permission?
10/7/2005 c21 2Hug a Tree
no! please don't make her end up with nick! andrew! andrew! andrew! i love andrew!
10/7/2005 c19 17The Aphrodite Effect
oy gevalt girl. that was definately a riviting peice of ana's history. wow. who would have known? this is. . . is. . . i dont know what it is, but i like it!love,AnnikaSummers
10/7/2005 c17 a.s
With the whole "Ana is Izzy's shadow" part...I don't think you've set it up right. This is only my opinon mind, you BUT, as far as I can see, you've only told us she's Izzy's shadow in the summary. You haven't really shown us in the story at all. The interaction between Izzy and Ana shows they're pretty much on level ground personality wise, and honestly, with two guys interested in Ana, we haven't seen how she's unnoticed by other guys at all.

It's not enough just telling us she's the shadow and then launching straight into a story where she isn't anymore. Establish things more. That way, when you do introduce the Andrew-Ana-Nick triangle, she doesn't look so much as a skank as she does appear confused by the attention. Because frankly, at the moment, she doesn't really seem what you are telling us she is.
10/7/2005 c17 6Pigment of Your Imagination
Ahahahaha! I liked the kissy-kissy-goo-goo scene! it was pretty descriptive & gives ya that 'tingly' feeling inside. :D...oh ew..there's something sticky on my keyboard..stickysticky...o.0 well, bubies for now! i'm going to leave the sticky stuff there for the next person who comes by & touches it...hahaha..:D

10/7/2005 c16 kelyn
woah, mondo show of friendship there, stick it to the man (woman)haha

10/7/2005 c16 gtrhjnnhg
“Iz.…” I trailed off. She was right. She was being, as usual, overdramatic but what she was saying had some validity to it. I’d committed the mortal sin: I’d kissed my best friend’s guy. “Okay, fine.” I said finally, folding my arms across my chest. “I’m sorry.”

I don't think Izzy was being overdramatic at all.. if anything, ANa was the one who is making it seem little. And the way she tried to 'apologize' to izzy, was a really immature way to go about it. If You read it closely, she was practically JUSTIFYING her actions and not feeling any fault on herself at all, no wonder Izzy thought the apology didn't cut it. Now I'm waiting for Izzy to pull a KO' and throw sand in ana'a eyes. Ha!
10/7/2005 c16 7CallMeCute
HaHa good chapter i hope she gets with andrew- maybe nick never dated izzy bc he liked her too much and was afraid he'd hurt her? or something nice and deep like that lol
10/7/2005 c14 dsnfbms
confirmed. Ana being 'the shadow' is pretty misleading considering she is SUCH a dramaqueen. Practically acting like a PrimaDonna in someone else's house and having the audacity to get angry at andrew for telling his sister about her and nick. If she carried out hose actions, she should have the spine to accept the consequences, not using other people as scapegoats. Yes, people have flaws, but ana has a major attitude problem. A very unlikeable person indeed.
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