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10/7/2005 c16 6Pigment of Your Imagination
Ahahahaha! It's Step off *beep* day! :D I'm totallyy so sorry i couldn't review for the last couple'a chapters! hehe..u update way too fast & i had a project to do...bleh..-_-...Soo, screw you all! :D lol

10/7/2005 c13 jkajaj
Hey, people can have different opinions of your character by the way you choose to portray them. ANd in my opinion, Ana is a skank. She practically lets anyone kiss her. And that little escapade with nick? Kissing him right outside izzy's door when she just had a breakdown and also being all cuddly with andrew on second andthen moving on to nick the next? Pssh.I like your story but Ana is a dickhead (IN MY OPINION, if you couldn't get the drift by now.)
10/7/2005 c15 messy
O i think she got it now lol
10/7/2005 c15 kelyn
*bling* and the light blub turns on! haha, i get it now.

10/7/2005 c15 giraffe
hey...just to tell you that i really like your story...hope you update soon!
10/7/2005 c15 3miss-blackhair
omigod! how could you update so fast? anw, another great story.. =)
10/7/2005 c15 guestie person
Good, but sorta soap-opera-ey because everything happens way too fast.
10/6/2005 c15 4quotata
lol.. yay for me! thanks for progressing so quickly! ^-^
10/6/2005 c15 2Hug a Tree
i love this story! please update soon!
10/6/2005 c14 BreeZ
And the drama continues...wow! This is amazing1 Keep writing! I luv it!
10/6/2005 c14 jow
iz is definitely a big drama queen
10/6/2005 c14 7CallMeCute
I kinda dont like ana shes almost kissing andrew than shes kissing nick- does she even like him?
10/6/2005 c14 5Angel302

what a drama, i love it. can't wait to read more.

10/6/2005 c14 4quotata

"then i don't like you!" ?

i cant tell if he's being childish or giving ana a clue... lol

u update so fast.. thnq!
10/6/2005 c14 kelyn
"Then i don't like you." i dunno how that line fits in with that fight, but oh well.

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