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10/4/2005 c10 6Pigment of Your Imagination
Oh darn it!...ehehe..if you're confused about the song comment i left in the last review..wrong story! Ah! Soo sorry..oh but here's a song anyways..hahaha..hmm...

Bridgette, she has fake boobs...She probably eats lots of foods...Izzy's father, a filthy rich old man...Why can't he find some1 like him, god d*mn!

ah...okie. well, sorry about the last part, i couldn't think up anything else that rhymed..heh, so i hope that makes ya feel better! :P
10/4/2005 c11 Pigment of Your Imagination
AHAHAHHA! in your face, old man! They all hate her! EVil perverted old man! :P Glad you liked my 'song.' :D

AH! Nick likes Ana? But Iz likes Nick! & I bet ya Andrew likes Ana! ah! a love triangle... :)
10/4/2005 c10 4quotata
so many twists!
10/3/2005 c10 simplerose
wow you update really fast! I have added you to my author alert list :D keep on writing
10/3/2005 c8 Emmi
cliffhangers are evil! evil I tell you! anyways love this story update son...-Emmi
10/3/2005 c7 kelyn
arg, cliff hangers are the worst! though i think this chapter was a bit short. anyways...

10/3/2005 c7 The Renegade Heart
You. Are. Evil. =D I can like, practically envision Ana in her dress. =] Great chappie but evil cliffie lmao. Update soon! Oh and this review is covering bother Chappie 6 and 7. xD
10/2/2005 c5 6Pigment of Your Imagination
personal shopper? Where can i get filthy rich in the next...say...3 months? :D Grampa's toe[ahahahha! i couldn't resist], you update fast!


P.S. It's okiee! We'll all die happy, fat women! [men in some cases..]
10/1/2005 c1 Emmi
wow you update fast...anyways nice chapters :P keep writing -Emmi
10/1/2005 c5 5Ivory-Dragon14
one line in the begining of this story reminds me of one of my friends. 'i need you . . . ' i have heard it too many times . . .

update son
10/1/2005 c5 kelyn
pretty good, i like the plot and i think andrew is a great character, iz reminds me of some of my friends as well.love it

10/1/2005 c5 The Renegade Heart
Wow you update fast.. o.o; Or maybe it's because I read Chappie 3 later.. And very close to your next update..

Anyways, a-w-e-s-o-m-e chapters. I mean Chappie 4 and 5 btw. =] Update soon! xD
10/1/2005 c3 Tiny Silver Robot
I love it! Please continue!
10/1/2005 c3 The Renegade Heart
Ana's way col.. =DD I love this fic! Keep on going and update soon! Or else.. *Evil Grin* J/K.. But update soon! =]
10/1/2005 c3 6Pigment of Your Imagination
Ahahahahahahha! What a perfect way to stop! [darn you!] ACK! that meants you gotta write moremore more! Hehehe, 5 star chef...ice cream..cake..brownies...cookies...yummie
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