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11/21/2005 c91 mandy81133
Blondie O my god you are wonderful. I started reading this when you were about 20 chapters a long and I must say I loved every minute of your story. It was simply wonderful. I'm sorry I never got around to reviewing before. You are one of my most favorite authors and everything you write is perfect. So if you ever want to hear more praise from a fellow author write me at
11/21/2005 c90 1Elemental Moon
That was mean of Jesse. Heh, A well done chapter. And this time..no cliffie! I forgot that David said that his leg hurt more than normal...heh. I remember thinking about it though...::nods head slowly...:: I think...Well anyways great chapter and update soon! Er,nvm just saw the next chapter...::cough::
11/21/2005 c91 Eclipsed Mind
no offense but that ending just did not work for me. she runs into jesse and then its all hunky dorry. i just dont buy that. but hey its your story end it however you want
11/21/2005 c91 1Katsui Adonis

No. Not the end!

It is an AWESOME story.

But you ended it just at the right time :) Good job!
11/21/2005 c91 Karmadoll
I love happy endings...*sigh*...
11/21/2005 c91 agela
11/21/2005 c91 11les petits bateaux
What? You ended it like that? I always love happy endings but with a very good dramatic story like that? You have to make a sequel. I can't wait for Erik's story but you must include the whole Ana-Andrew thing! And don't forget Izzy! Oh my God, I'm so excited, yet, at the same time, so very sad. I really thought it was somekind of joke when you put THE END there in bold letters, but it's very sad to see Ana close her book like this. Anyways, I really have to comment on your excellent plot-building and language, and your wonderful story. You are a really fantastic writer. And again, make a sequel for all your reviewers!

11/21/2005 c90 les petits bateaux
I really thought Andrew would go beserk and punch Jesse multiple times but he didn't. Probably because he didn't know Jesse like Izzy and Ana did. Anyways, a little sappy, don't you think, with the whole I-love-you thing but I guess that's what couples do the most. Go "I love you, you love me" all the time. LOL. Anyways, very good chap. and I like your plot-building. There's always a surprise round the corner.

11/20/2005 c89 HadToBeMe
what? no evil Jesse. love the water shots lol.
11/20/2005 c89 5aqua-angel
ah! I can't believe that just happened, MAJOR CLIFFHANGER! xD No way, I can't believe he's around, why is he touching her? GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER YOU CREEP!

Awesome chapter, I love it. I felt like I was really there and all. Poor Nicole.. lolz. It was interesting to see what she did~ muy entertaining. And poor Izzy, she really misses David but I think they're really really cute together =) I hope nothing happens to break them apart because that would be too sad *tear*.

Four years total? Well, that's not too bad. It'll go by fast. =) How exciting~! LoLz, ah... I remember the good ole' days when four years would be way long. Time really flies now that you're older though. But yeah, kids are really adorable, especially when they do something good just because they want to~ so cute!

It's so sad, one time my friend and I went into the preschool room during church. And we were like "Hi! I like your shirt" but all the lil kids crept away and at one point we realized there was this large circle around us. It was like a no-kid zone. We were very sad =(

Anyways, can't wait for your next update ^_~ Things are definitely going to start heating up. I hope Andrew beats him up... *cackles* Shining white knight please! *and fervently hopes Andrew doesn't misunderstand the situation* Hopefully he's come to that point that he just won't think the worst and leave Ana.

Happy writings!
11/20/2005 c1 7BangBangYourDead
Wow good so far. I have alot to read yet.
11/20/2005 c89 11les petits bateaux
Why must Jesse pop up everywhere Ana is? And this time, he's all wrapping his arms around Ana and kissing her! Imagine the fright when Andrew sees that. Maybe Ana would just shove Jesse off, but of course, there must be surprises. You gotta update soon! And awesome chapter, thank God Ana and Andrew are back together!

11/20/2005 c89 annie
I hope Andrew finds Ana and fends Jesse off. PLEASE don't let Andrew think that Ana is cheating on him again...that would be so sad. They just got back together in less than 24 hours.

By the way, was Andrew telling the truth when he claimed that the petite, blond girl was only a friend? I mean, Andrew can never be friends with a girl (sadly, it is just not in his nature). I just felt like he wasn't being completely honest there.

Anyway, I love this chapter. Please update soon though because I really want to see how Ana deals with this unexpected turn in the plot (Jesse).

Love your story,Annie
11/20/2005 c77 1Loriency
now really, that was completely predictable. The first mentioning (for the most part, the time at the beginning of the story doesn't count) of their mom, and OF COURSE she shows up. What else can we expect? *sigh* might as well see what havoc this reaks too...
11/19/2005 c62 Loriency
you are the evilest bitch in the world...

I knew there was a reason that i loved Andrew...I knew it... ALthough, Ryan is pretty cool. and what's with the onslaught of guys coming after Ana all of a sudden? Geez! Give a girl a break!
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