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11/15/2012 c9 nutterbutter2
You know... this is actually pretty good. Kind of hard to remember all the names though. -w-'
Anyways... is there gonna be another update?
6/21/2012 c9 1Wings of Beauty
Its been so long please update! I love this story!
3/6/2012 c1 Skylin19
6/14/2010 c9 TaintedGlory
keep writing please[:
5/20/2010 c3 2Tsara
yay! they get caught!
4/1/2010 c9 curiouseditor
very good. your story actually has a really good plot, unlike some i have read. i noticed that you have stopped writing it. i think you should continue. the characters have interested me enough to want the next chapter. i enjoyed the fact that you included your readers in the decision of who gets to do Tristen. it is good to keep up with what your fans want to see, or else you might disappoint them. i saw that you have an editor, which i think is great. there are no spelling or grammar mistakes anywhere. one of you is really up to date on the english language. try to continue with this story, if you can. i think it will turn out really good.

good luck!
1/7/2010 c6 CallMeAlice
the voting is possibly over, i don't much care to vote anyway, i just wanted to say that this is quite possibly the funniest thing i've ever read ever. lol.
12/31/2009 c9 Shadowofwonder47
I am very sad to see that you have discontinued this story. While the plot at first appeared overused it quickly became apparent that it is a story of your own style and uniqueness. It would be more accurate to say that the base (very, very base, I assure you) plot or gist of the story is a bit overused. I don’t fully understand why you see the need to - no offense - bash your less-than-recent work. I won’t lie. Yes, the story could probably be improved, better written, or maybe have some more complicated points (I also seem to recall the use of the word dexterity), but it is not without its good points. I, in fact, rather like it quite a bit and am planning to add it to my favorites (after I post this review). I personally don’t think simplicity is always a bad thing when used right. Or cliché’s for that matter (sometimes I like happily ever after situations or endings. So sue me. It also makes me smug when I have guessed something correct about the story to come or surprised when I have guessed or suspected wrongly. In some ways the simplicity makes the story better when something unexpected happens. Because you wouldn’t BE expecting unexpected to happen (Please forgive my use of a fragment sentence. It’s a horrible habit of mine.). If that even makes sense. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I really like your story and wish you’d continue it. And even if you don’t continue it I hope that you can see the finer points of your older stories. After all, I’ve always thought one of the main goals of this site was for authors to improve their writings. There is nothing to ashamed (I’m not really sure this word is the right one to use. In fact I am fairly certain it isn’t, so I sincerely apologize, but I couldn’t think of another way to say it) of just because your older stories, are well, older, and don’t possess all the dexterity they could have. Your older stories have a certain charm of their own.
6/27/2009 c9 Johnny101
Please update! We can not give up this story! :D
6/4/2009 c7 2Phoenex360
X3 I loves it! But... Problems... "Wherefor art thou _?" means "Why are you _?" So yeah... ^^'. Other than that I love it lol. Pretty creative in a way, though I can tell you're mostly fueled by boredom and fangirlness, along with those fer reviews. Each one is precious, wouldn't you say? I know the ones I get are. X3
4/1/2008 c2 you are not a pretty snowflake
one word

3/13/2008 c9 15Bluorange
What! Aero got Tristen :( Aww.. i liked Floyd, but Aero was the next best. Does this mean Aero one the vote... did you already tell us that and I just totally spaced out? I don't think you did... oh well. I wish you wouldn't have stopped this one i really liked it... *hint hint, nudge nude* I really, really like it, could you maybe reconsider?
3/13/2008 c8 Bluorange
I'm reviewing, i'm reviewing... oh my god, I changed my mind Leon/Ace forever *uses self-control and does not scream it out loud again* So I think Jay is growing on me, I used to hate him. But I don't want him to take Tristen away from Floyd (does a little happy dance because she loves the pairing of Floyd and Tristen) oh and down with Malice! I promise as soon as I finish this I will review some of your in-progress stuff again.
3/13/2008 c6 Bluorange
Well I totally know it's too late to vote, sorry... but i totally vote for Floyd, definitely Floyd. "Zepher/Ace forever!" *punches air and shouts, while everyone in the library stares, then runs and hides in the non-fiction section*
12/27/2007 c9 Carlette
Okay, why haven't you updated for a whole year?


I WILL SHRIVEL UP AND DIE IF THERE IS NEVER GOING TO BE MORE! Okay, maybe not that extreme...but pretty close!

I'll just put it on my alert list and pray there will be an update anyways.
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