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4/14/2010 c2 1Cheyenne Elliott
you have a bit chunk of text that I can't read because it's hard to see.
6/13/2006 c2 7Lala531
update soon. i wanna know what happens. its so suspenseful.
10/2/2005 c1 3Saint Lolita
It's good, and the plot has a LOT of potential, but I'm not feeling the all bolded and italicized font. KEEP WRITING!
10/1/2005 c1 curious seaker
this is interesting and good suspense in the preface, makes want to hurry up and know the secret that got trevor in the solitary chamber in the stray jacket, scarlet character is a good mystery, cant wait to read ch.2
10/1/2005 c1 smilez
wow, trevor is a naughty boy,but he's so innocent talking, i like the way this story flows, i cant'wait til the secrets get revealed about scarlet,that was dead wrong what demitrius did on the phone and what brandon horny ass did, so nasty.good teen drama,continue more
10/1/2005 c1 rocker
this was off the chain, i like this, i can kind of relate to trevor's character, but damn i wish scarlet lived in my neighborhood, this was very creative, great job,dude, like it alot, continue this..i'll be looking out 4 more chapters
10/1/2005 c1 sunlight
wow, good work, this was kind of intense, the boys in the neighborhood are really sprung over this scarlet chick, definally brandon,lol.wow she better be all that, can't wait til ch,2why the hell is trevor in a stry jacket,does that have something to do with the secret about scarlet...
10/1/2005 c1 hiden survivor 101
this was good,i like the way trevor speaks about the recalling time,you express some real things that teens go through like trevor and brandon's achoholic mother, and how they deal with that.but i really want to know whats with this mysterious scarlet girl,i can't wait til the secret comes out about the window view,(that was messed up what demitrius did,lol) can't wait til you post ch.2, so continue, the suspense is getting to me about why trevor is in a stray jacket now today, what's the huge secret or secrets !

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