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for Maybe No, Maybe Yes

9/17/2003 c1 74Letters to No One
I really wasn't sure if I liked this but the last four lines made my decision. Nice work.
6/23/2003 c1 8monchilla
it was really really reallt=y really good it really spoke to me i would love to hear more from you.
2/24/2003 c1 1Neverthought
never make promises you can't keep, right?

All in all, I like this poem, the last line is very powerful, and It's made more so by the fact that you enforced it with the title. The rhymes do seem a little uneven, like the poem gets lost a little bit in the middle. All in all though, I like the effect: Choppy, like the disconnected thoughts of someone on the edge.
2/5/2001 c1 14conart
Please tell me this isn't your point of view. Really sad, but it's so true. - CM

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