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for Finding Out True Love is Blind

6/27/2007 c3 traashcanns
I LOVE DDR! and i'm totally hooked on your story. it's great so far! totally going on my favorites.
6/25/2007 c3 6Lego Kid At Heart
Tsugaru - Fun Song. Love the gallops. Really easy though.

Witch Doctor - One of the first songs I ever passed on heavy. *snore*

Cartoon Heroes - Now we're talkin. A little more challenging and fun.

Legend of Max is not the hardest song on the game,it's second. Paranoia Survivor Max on Oni(Challenge) is the hardest, but LoM is still an AWESOME song. There a couple paranoias and they're all pretty good, but PSMO is my favorite. It will definitely wear you out, I mean, LoM looks like cake compared to PSMO.

Ok, now about the story. It's really good; I like it and I'm normally very hard to please. Your characters are interesting, the first person narration is well done, and you have good grammar. I'm a lot like Marcus, a goth/punk/emo guy with a love for DDR, so it was kinda funny reading this. lolz.

Good job. I'll be looking for an update, we need more DDR stories on FP.

much luv

12/28/2005 c2 1Drowning in Thought
HEY! WOW! I loved it! Great chapter Ash! *pulls toung out of your head* AND THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR INSULTING US CHERRYVILLE HIGH PEOPLE! *evil laughter inserted here* lolz anyway.

You changed her boyfriends' name you kno...first it was Jason then it was Justin. Just wanted to let ya kno! Great story please update as soon as possible
12/17/2005 c2 just jin
Kyaa... I love DDR! Sadly though i can only play up to standard... never heavy... but i love this story.. ya have to update when ya have the time. ^^
10/2/2005 c1 Nessa03
Keep writing ) really instresting! can't wait til next chappie!

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