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for As I Hope You Would For Me

1/29/2006 c1 8A-wolf-called-Skya
hey! loved it, it was a beautiful poem. very expressive. nice freewrite! :P

thanx for the reviews! as always :D ttyl (i know, very quick review, huh?)

good writing!

10/12/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
aw... i love the hopefulness you put into this~~ good work!

keep writing!
10/6/2005 c1 Tim
this one feels a bit different from the other ones... but i still liked it alot
10/4/2005 c1 10Chaco
this is the best poem that i have actually felt like reading (^^;) on fictionpress...i think. o_o let's just say it is! XD

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