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7/8/2006 c3 123Black and White Dreams
=) Good job with this.

7/8/2006 c2 Black and White Dreams
-sigh- Natural beauty is always so much more beautiful than a mask of makeup... So true, so beautiful. Nice work.
7/8/2006 c1 Black and White Dreams
This is so sad.
6/14/2006 c3 5mormonboy
Insteresting conclusion. Maybe don't take such big step, excersize the mind, but don't destroy it. Advice from someone who really doesn't know what he is talking about.
6/14/2006 c2 mormonboy
This snippet is really awesome. I like it. I would really like to see the whole poem though, when you finish it, okay?
6/14/2006 c1 mormonboy
Hey, we all know there is one who can make us better. I am probably the worst at doing what you are expressing right here. I admit it.
10/17/2005 c3 87youzi
The third snippet (elastic) is my favourite of the three..because i can vaguely identify with the fragility (and yet, fluidity) of remembrances. Vivid, despite simplistic, description in this piece drew a very stark image in my mind. Keep writing =D

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