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for Hello and Goodbye

4/24/2006 c1 Amber-Soul
AH THAT IS SO SAD! WAH! I LOVE IT IN THE TRAGIC KIND OF WAY.. you know how to describe things to effect, and how to bring out the effect in very varied sentence structure... it moved me to tears danggit. agh i love it... XD
11/26/2005 c1 136Elliptical Shapes
The only thing I didn't like was your description of 'his' eyes. Come on! Lovely stones! You can do better than that!

The rest of it was blissful to read, it reminds me of a trip I once had where I went to another planet.

I like it.

11/2/2005 c1 94kuasso
i like it i like it :)
10/6/2005 c1 169wantedINheaven
It's so... melancholy! :( But I like it. It has a prose feel to it. And sadness is always a tender thing to write about, especially involving romance.
10/6/2005 c1 3Lumaris
Well...you wanted critizism or flames, I have but one measely suggestiong. The large paragraph can be turned into two. The sentence that begins with 'We sat by the silver lake' seems like the subject of a new paragraph.

I might be wrong... I'm only in highschool^^ But that's all I found about it. Other than that it sounds like it could be a good story.


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