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for Victims of Paradise

8/16/2006 c1 18first-casualty-of-war
Pretty spiffy. Wonderful imagery, and very deep. Keep it up =)
3/3/2006 c1 14Minerva Gray
I liked this! I feel I can relate to this in some way I don't actually understand. But very, very good. I loved your word choice. Nice job.
2/18/2006 c1 47Yuffei
Whao. That really spoke to me, which is a rare event. =] I like it, and your work in general for that matter. Keep writing. ^^
1/18/2006 c1 14LunaMoonyScamp
O_O; Wow...just wow...Loved it.
1/6/2006 c1 39Alisha Marie
Nice poem..sad feelings come from it.
11/6/2005 c1 162setne
I was quite impressed when I read this poem. It's like you've been writing all your life. Keep on going!

(P.S.: Thank you for your previous review of one of my poems!)
10/20/2005 c1 4Zefskiy
Whoa. That's cool.

Sorry for the vague comment, but it's getting late...
10/20/2005 c1 14Hez
I like it...

Sometimes I wonder if happiness really is more than a facade. And even if it is, and no one's truly happy... isn't the facade enough?

That was unrelated. Good poem.
10/10/2005 c1 5envy me
deep poem.. im not sure I get it... but then agin im borrible at interpreting poetry..But if you wrote it on a sugar high it must not be a depressed poem? Rite?

PS.. thanks for the review... i thought that about shit too.. i always thought that some ppls poems are just too long... but I learned through experience that sometimes a poem is ment to be long and sometimes they're ment to be short...

PSS.. ha ha... you seem to have talent... I have a story up called crack and another one called help me (i wrote it a long time ago so its horrible no lie but I think the plot is good) yeah but I think you would enjoy them... and im the same as you... i R&R those that review me...

10/9/2005 c1 298Moon-Chaser
Interesting use of the english language. I love the sound of this poem.

Keep it up.

Thanks for reviewinf.
10/7/2005 c1 14Jen calculates
I love the ends of both stanzas..and I thikn I know what you're saying. I won't try to explain it in words because it would come out sounding like a whole load of pretentious crap, but I think I get it.

Love the title too, might have to steal it sometime..

~ Jen
10/6/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
Well, that was interesting^^ i especially liked how you used paradise and then parasite~ quite the paradox in an odd way^^~

keep writing!
10/6/2005 c1 261meowsha
wow, i love this.I can't even describe how I love it... or why. It just has great description and imagery.awesome job! this is going in my favourites.


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