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for Bearer of All Fears

8/1/2007 c2 1Katherine A. Rossetti
eugh Jason gave me the creeps, what a skeazy man, Piper should have kicked him where it hurts. I feel bad for Piper, it's like shes going off to prison, poor girl. And I HATE men who think women are just supposed to serve men, thank God it's 2007. So, I'm really enjoying your story so far, your writing is clear and flowing a few speeling errors but you can totally take care of that in revision and I'm not one to talk. Okay, update soon! I will definietly be reading more!
8/1/2007 c1 Katherine A. Rossetti
Wow, I loved the creepy ghost girl part, it was very well done and I really liked the line, "the sound of the teacup shattering echoing in my ears, just as my dreams, my hope for life in general." I thought it was brilliant. Anyway, I'm off to the next chapter.
2/2/2006 c1 7Iron Pyrate
I liked your other story enough to check out this one, too. Other than the small nit-picky things that have already been mentioned, it's great! What a freak that Jason is, I mean, he's about her mother's age and he's after her? Eew. I hope Piper and Annabelle get to know each other, they seem like two of a kind. Please update this one soon, too!
10/15/2005 c2 Sophie Ulquiorra Allen
Just a few teeny nitpicks, although this is really good.

a) Your language needs a bit of rewording in the description of the parcel boy. More often than naught he would have said 'pence' or 'shillings' rather than 'coins'

b) A few spacing and grammtical errors that can be removed by simple spell check

c) Finally, 'muppet' is not really correct terminology 'poppet' or 'muffin' would do nicely.

Sorry for this kavetching. Anyhow, keep writing and I look forward for an update. Good luck.
10/14/2005 c1 12Pussinboots
NICE! Upload soon and, what does every one look like!
10/11/2005 c1 Sophie Ulquiorra Allen
Cool start. I liked the ghost figure in the end. Too bad Piper's going to Conswell. (that name is so English...I mean, British) She seems to be a rebel, and I like how you've painted her that way. Good work and KW.

P.S. BTW, a few grammatical errors here and there but nothing a little Spell Check can't fix.

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