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for In Love and In Darkness

10/11/2005 c1 2WhisperedNothings
Very nice, Calderkins. I've never really read any of your poetry (except for the one or two when you were taking me to school), but from what I've read here, it's very good. I have to admit I enjoy your work very much. Keep on writing.-sarah-
10/7/2005 c1 6relletyrots
One word summary of my reaction: damn.

This is *exceptional*. Those that know how to write a poem, and to describe, and to relate their emotions that well up inside them...they can write a powerful poem, and here you usher so much emotion onto the reader that I don't even know how to interpret it, yet I can feel the meaning there. It's strong, definitely, and can truly be appreciated if re-read. You definitely know how to write a poem, and how to use words that can invoke a feeling of despair, hope, hatred, fear, all at once.

You seem like one of those rare FP members who actually possesses more than 10 brain cells. I am astonished.

This was not a review because I'm feeling agreeable, which I am, currently, not. This poem, however, has improved my mood greatly, as of now, and be aware that I do not normally write a praising review unless I truly think it.

Excellent. I plan to read all of your work.

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