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for My Dearest Heathcliff

12/18/2005 c1 20Pheobe Meryll
oh it' good alright. you captured the passion and dark, brooding feeling of that book. isn't it a spectacular story?
11/26/2005 c1 136Elliptical Shapes
Wow, I really like this; did you write it using your own mind, or did you rip it off somebody else?

If you did it yourself, you have the heart of a fine poet and despite your religious tendencies if i find your other works to be this good I may be forced to put you in my favourites list - that would be a first, you know how anti-religious I am i'm sure - but still;

Excellent poem!

11/14/2005 c1 26Delphian-Angel
I have literally just finished reading wuthering heights, and found it extremely enjoyable, therefore this poem is really imaginative and facinating! I really like the way it ends, with the chilling "let me in"
10/11/2005 c1 46a headless butterfly
DUDE. GUESS WHO, MAN. :Dyou wanted crits/ flames?firstly, to single break shift + enter because the paragraphing is screwed heh. i read the poem on your lj, easier to read.reminds me of that hayley westenra song., especially the last paragraph.it's a little. i dno. stifled? like very spurt-like. you get nonsense lines like "Haunt you until you shut those demonic eyes/ And die./ I will haunt you, lest you lose me to the abyss./ Nothing will separate us." (SORRY SORRY but i don't like them ): and i'm really mean ): so i say really bitchy stuff like that)and then this really gorgeous line of "You are my life, and I am yours" and then another slightly weird line, and then this gorgeous imagery of the clawing window and desperation.SO IT'S A LITTLE MAD/ WEIRD.i know, i'm a bitch, you can now come and critique and bitch about all my poems esp the recent ones cos i think they suck too haha.but overall this poem has this kind of misty, fairytale, bronte/ lolita kind of feel. it's nice. but parts of it seem a little contrived. like all the "cruel"s and the "gypsy kings" and the "loves" and the "stingy/unfeeling/ death". maybe its because i have become a CYNICAL, UNBELIEVER IN LOVE(haha not really i love god!) but they seem jarring in such a nice misty poem like this one.you've got the feeling down pat but the words used could have been tad better.NOWTHEN. you can rant and rave at me for dissing your poetry but i do like this poem overall HEH.

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