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for Dear Diary: He Moved Away and New Struggles

4/10/2006 c2 46Lavender L. C
Great job. I like the whole diary thing. I used too keep one, but I kinda lost track. lol

Oh and thanks so much for your review!LLC ;)
10/12/2005 c1 RipSpark
Love the idea :-D *goes to read new story* :-p
10/12/2005 c1 nonono25
Sweet idea! I like how you kind of explained the characters' feelings! And wow, Moira seems like she's gonna get that David prick! Maybe she's gonna go to BC and kill him, like I suggested! Hehehe, I hope so! Because that would be extremely amusing.

Awesomeness! I love the idea and the whole diary thing was sweet. I love how Greg hugged Violet! That's so adorable! Hahaha.

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