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for louis

11/22/2009 c1 1kez9373
i really liked this. had to read it a few times over but was really interested in how it made me smile. lets just say a personal experience rings to mind... :)
2/18/2006 c1 871no.peace.los.angeles
This is weird, but I like it. I especially like the second line. It's so random, but that's what makes it awesome. I love specific poems. Nice work. Keep writing! :)
10/27/2005 c1 Martin Peterson
Good imagery, sense of exploitation, of loss. Nice work.

10/27/2005 c1 6Gilee7
This one is interesting.

-and the swirl of her belly button unravelled on the seams.- That's quite odd, but I really like it. Very cool.

And I really like the use of parenthesis in line four. Quite clever. This is a good poem. Not great or anything, but good. I liked it. Nice ending line, too.
10/21/2005 c1 612simpleplan13
interesting...i like it a lot, but i might change the rating

(ps. if you have the time could you tell me which of my poems you like best.. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!)
10/16/2005 c1 155X.xPrincess.Midnightx.X
Very nice poem, never really reviewed a poem like this before. This is great, though, really liked the message you put in here. Great work, keep it up!
10/15/2005 c1 Eboniccinderella
That was god.I don't know why,but it made me think of a young girl brought into the prostituting business and no longer desiring to be apart of it.
10/14/2005 c1 117xHannahx
...but however hot they look, theyre still bastards (im in that stage of breakup, sorry) this is really descriptive, i really like it. thanks for the review,

10/12/2005 c1 addie pray
This has (em)power(ment) like angry red lipstick. The last line was lovely.
10/12/2005 c1 80citrus scented
oh god another fantastic piece. "the swirl of her belly button unravelled " beautiful, its like a painting this one..the two seem to be blended into each other, well her into him...and yet the ending line makes you think. nice one.

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