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for Pied Piper

5/28/2006 c1 116searchlight
You have got to be kidding me. I simply cannot believe this is your second poem! It's one of the best I've ever read. The flow, the rhyme, the, the...oh, I'm all excited. Beautiful, whimsical and a little frightening. Great, great, great!

3/23/2006 c1 Anonymous
It is a very interesting poem. I have to give you mega points for creativity. Like you said though, it doesn't seem to have a purpose, but then again, leaving it so open ended is helpful. Portions can be interpreted by the reader however he/she may choose.
2/16/2006 c1 67helpless-pretender
Interesting. nice flow, keep writing p.s. thanks for the review ^_^
2/16/2006 c1 18Tirinwe
wow, i really want to know where you came up with that one. its great! like seriously i loved it. it flowed like i didnt think a poem could. seriously a great poem. keep it uploveKay

PS - we kinda have the same name :)

PPS - how do you get so many reviews?

love ya
2/14/2006 c1 213Talhiri Serrano
Okay, its long and for some reason, don't ask me why, but I find this poem humerous.

I can't explain but good work!
12/28/2005 c1 50Kristina Suko
This poem is very interesting. I like the nonsensicalness of it... it brings interest and whirling pictures to the mind. It's actually a bit nightmarish, but in a weirdly good way. I like it!
12/27/2005 c1 ForeverYours-TheWriter
I liked it! Good job
12/23/2005 c1 8Xarziith
Kate-chan! I love it! And it's so long! It's spooky, it's eerie, and it's wonderfully done! Kudos!
12/19/2005 c1 1Changethesubject
love this. i cant decide whether it is better or worse than your other one. i've been hanging out to read more stuff from you (poems!) and i'm devastated that you haven't updated some. please do soon,you're really talented. :)hope you read this~pinkazaleaps merry christmas
12/18/2005 c1 43Toph Gonzalez
I just love the utter sponteneity of this poem. You can be a good poet you know.
12/3/2005 c1 34nurulsan
I can say it is smoothly written, and the emotions are described well. Keep on writing~
12/3/2005 c1 3Lady Isaiah

Well done. I like the words and it's flowing motion.

I wish write like that.
12/1/2005 c1 2Syfy
Wow! I love this! The discription is all top notch, and it's really easy to read. You should write more. Keep it up!
11/27/2005 c1 19Pink Sparrow
Wow, I really love this. The rhyming is amazing, this is so good. Nice work!
11/13/2005 c1 7firefairy27
Oh looky, a poem ^^ I always liked the story of the piper... I dunno why, I just thought it was a good story. Very nice poem, I like the rhyme and rhythm and the repetition of that one line, good work-even if ou're not a poet :D
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