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8/9/2008 c3 9Destiny2RoseClan
Neh neh...Can't wait for your next chapter!
1/21/2006 c1 6Count of Casualty
That was sad... (not in a bad way :P). Seth's when he got the phone call was just... so painful. I feel bad for the poor guy. :(
1/13/2006 c3 5Angel-in-the-Ashes
Seth and Anthony are cool. Need more chapters!
1/13/2006 c1 Angel-in-the-Ashes
Just finished the first chapter and I loved it! Very sweet, moving and realistic.
11/28/2005 c1 22DeadlyPinkPuchu
You are officially my idol, along with the amazingly great johnny depp, and Henry Drummond from the play inherit the wind.

(Please excuse the specialness. I'm feeling a bit fluttery and special and a bit like crying, so nyah!)

Very pretty though. I'm pretty much incapable of writing a good, heart-felt story, mostly because I laugh off my problems far too often, and tend to put that into characters, but yeah.

Usually the memories thing bothers me, but I'm okay with it this time. It seems to me to be used better than most people use it. Keep writing.
11/26/2005 c3 4Per Ch4nce
This story is very good so far. The first chapter was so sad and really hooked me and made me want to read more. It also reminded me of one of my favorite books - Traveling Light, by Katrina Kittle (you should read it!). I can't wait to read more of this story and find out how the relationship develops!
11/25/2005 c3 delete my freakin account
Oh! You're other account is Morbid Maxwell (just realizing this! Sorry!). lol Yeah.

I have to say, the summary really interested me, and the prologue got me hooked. It was so sad! Heh... I got a little confused as to when the first chapter took place though until Anthony came into the scene and I realized it had to be set in the past. ^_^() Other than that, great job and hope to see more soon!

11/23/2005 c1 trickling rain
Eh...this is sort of confusing me...ah well. I thank you for reviewing my first fic. *bows over and over again* And, may I recommend to you the poem "Broken"? Unless you've already read it...
11/22/2005 c3 8Advent of Apocalypse
Great story so far. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
11/18/2005 c1 61Wingless Cherub
First off, I loved your summary-that's what really caught my eye, made me pick this story before the others (and I will be reading the others). Secondly-the dialogue is wonderful. It actually adds so much to the plot, and it's not all aimless talk as some authors right like just to fill a page-it's not a filler, that's the word I'm looking for. It's only the prologue and I'm already really feeling for the characters. I've got to go read more of this.
11/17/2005 c1 21Drops of Acid
Hey Maxi-pad! gues what I got for yoohh...whoa I might seem like a stalker but I am not... maybe
11/17/2005 c2 4SerialXLain
His brother reminds me of mine. The first day in high school my brother left me and I had no idea what to do...so sad and tragic! (im being serious...not sarcastic) Ha...Nazi...bwaahahah... Seth has some anger problems. Silly little boy...tee hee
11/17/2005 c1 SerialXLain
Yeah, so I think I might cry. lol...stupid time of the month, stupid sad story BLAH! lol

Us and our HIV friends...huh? :( well...anyway. So Im glad Im finally reading one of your stories! ^_^

11/15/2005 c3 60blackday
YAY YAY YAY! I feel like I'm reading a very ADVANCED little boy's diary. Or like, a log. It's toe-tally great. Seth and Anthony's relationship is getting set up and I can't WAIT for the next update. Well, any update is great. ;)

Chaz-Love- I found it! We is dum :)
11/15/2005 c2 blackday

But love is in the air and love is RAD! WO! YES! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Cute little accent. That's just great. Do you have an accent like that? That'd be awesome.

Great job (i saw that all the time). IT WAS SUPER.

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