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9/13/2007 c19 12Interluded
This was haunting in a way. There's so many things that you just feel are under the surface in this. I'm not sure if you meant anything by changing to hot chocolate, or putting romeo and juliet in there, but there were some things that just struck you that they were meant to mean more. Definitely the whole winter dark/white thing at the least. The scenery that you describe is so pretty it makes you want to be there. I don't really trust Deacon. Grr. Want him to explain the darn notebook and red pen. Hm why red? Interesting lol. Haha I think I'm thinking too much into this.

Anyways nice job and hope this story doesn't end in a total tragedy
4/26/2007 c19 beebee83
I just discovered this story, and I'm hooked. It's a haunting, yet beautifully written love story. You're an incredible writer.

I know it's been forever since you updated, but do you think you'll ever finish it?
11/22/2005 c19 22All The Three Queens
Ooh, the intrigue! Keep it coming:)
11/10/2005 c18 Emilea
heyy! this is such a rad story heaps cool.
11/5/2005 c18 All The Three Queens
Yay, she didn't get yelled at! But he'd better be coming back...
11/2/2005 c17 All The Three Queens
AAH! what happened?
11/2/2005 c17 10JojoAnn
Oh no. What what what what? What happened?
10/31/2005 c16 JojoAnn
He speaks.
10/31/2005 c16 22All The Three Queens
That was awesome. I love this story. There's something about it, I dunno what it is. It seems so black and white (literally) but that just adds to it.
10/29/2005 c15 All The Three Queens

that was lovely.
10/28/2005 c14 9Heather F. C
OMG, it's so beautiful. The emotions are so real. I loved it, update soon
10/27/2005 c14 194Aslan Israel
Maybe I'm just depressing, but nothing can be that good. Something bad has to happen. though I'd be just as happy if it didn't.
10/27/2005 c11 Aslan Israel
The way her said her name at the end felt different... for some reason. Must see what happens! Onward!
10/27/2005 c7 Aslan Israel
Love that opening. December is my fav month.
10/27/2005 c4 Aslan Israel
Woah. A little creepy there, at the end. But I can see the whole 'loved you from the moment I saw you' thing going on. Nice.
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