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10/18/2005 c1 6master-shadowhawk
the line between love and hate is so terribly thin. i gues i'll have to find out more about him before i decide. love the story! can't wait for updates!
10/18/2005 c1 curator
wow; what a name to a story. I liked this chapter. I must say, Logan is suffering from the middle child syndrome. I have it too...*cries* nah not really, but my best friend claims that it exists. And it was cute how at the end, Logan said yes to Ryan, Ah...I guess there will be the other characters. Will Noelle be there? Hmm...

Anyway, I like the opening to your new story. :D
10/18/2005 c1 34miss-elty
WOW! FIRST REVIEW! i hope...

haha. =) starting off awesomely. love the therapist beginning. interesting... getting logan out of his shell just a tiny bit...

will have to wait it out i supposed. =)

can't wait. =)

and raleigh and ryan will have bits too right? =)
10/18/2005 c1 summer is no more
hey i remember in one of ur author notes that u said u will love it or be repolsed i absolutly loved it. logan was one of my fav characters for AAO so this will be a good story. its great how u can get into his mind so much. ur an awsome writer cant wait for an update
10/18/2005 c1 1Chika Minase
I cannot refrain myself from saying: "OMG IT IS LIKE SO TOTALLY GOOD! I MEAN LIKE, JUST KEEP ON WRITING YEAH? WELL MWAH MWAH!" But no really, I was laughing THE WHOLE WAY through. I love Logan and if there was a guy like him well ha, I'd be completely all over him.

I haven't commented in a while because I got sick of writing the same thing that your writing was excellent, par usual, one of the best, par usual, and the story is great, par usual. So if people aren't commenting, it's not because they think your story isn't good, it's because their comments become extremely repetitive.

However, both stories are progressing very well and at a great pace. Hope it doesn't get in the way of your university work. Loving the first chapter, make the next ones better:D.
10/18/2005 c1 DarkenedSakura
...Much, much love for making this a Logan 3rd person POV. When I first saw the title, I went "aww, that's not true," but...haha. Yeah, he's definitely my favorite character...I'm a sucker for those complicated types, I think. Especially the genius ones. This chapter had me laughing, whether out loud or not, the entire time. I thought it was nice that you used the excerpt that you showed us in AAO...especially liked that one. And I liked that you explained why he was almost expelled from Yale...I would've believed the attitude problem, but yeah.

I was slightly surprised to see that you didn't introduce Noelle in this chapter, comparing it to AAO, but...will she be there at the dinner with the other "friends"? I can't think of another way for them to meet.

On a side note, I hope Ryan and Raleigh aren't a nauseatingly happy couple making googly eyes and stuff the entire time. *laughs* Just kidding, I know that won't happen, but Logan's take on it is amusing.

Hm, I have a few guesses as to what things will happen with the therapy sessions, though it's too early to say...anyway, really good starting chapter, the best one so far out of your 3 stories in terms of hooking the reader in, and...yeah, hope to see more soon. When I saw the email in my inbox while studying I thought it was too good to be true, but...heh.
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