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for Everybody Hates Logan

12/21/2009 c1 Pseudonym59
This is a great spin-off. It's different (as far as I can tell. Only the 1st chapter was available of both stories) but so similar. I can't describe it. I LOVE the story line, Logan, and how it connects! *sigh* Wish I could read the rest. :( Darn the plagiarists.
12/20/2009 c1 Funshinesun
Wow! You are an AMAZING writer! I'm so sorry to hear about the plagarism (exuse my spelling).
11/22/2009 c19 LifeFlamez
I just read all the chapters of this story that has not been removed and I felt really bad knowing about the plagriasm thingy... it was such a nice story =(

But I do respect your desicion. And I hope that you will continue writing again.
7/27/2009 c1 Sariiquel
I can't believe you removed this. You ruined my day.
7/7/2009 c3 lucy
hi, i had read everthing you had wrote and i´m really happy to have being able to read them. it is quite the impression you give me with all the new ideas and plot for them and I love them.

It is sad that there had been many ill intentions toward something that should be fun for the authors and made them regreat posting them in pages like this that are made for us people who had a love to read and find great stories here just for the fun of it.

It was because of people like you that made extraordinary stories that I learn english just for the chance to be able to read good stuff

I understand your position and respect it but if you ever publish them, please tell me I would love to have a copy of them.

my email is
7/6/2009 c3 1thevibrance
hello. I feel for you for the plagiarism; and I just want to say that even though I haven't ahd the time to read all of your stories (especially the most recent ones), I enjoyed EHL and AAO; very much, and re-read them several times. EHL was my personal favourite - it seemed to me like, even someone as flawed and in need of help as Logan; could find love. ...I'm in need of help; and I'm having my first shrink appointment this week. And i've always thought that being not okay made you less worthy of love; but I was genuinely glad that Logan has Noelle and he's patching everything up.

Good luck with getting published; and once again, I'm saddened that plagiarism by a few people has upset you and ruined the enjoyment for everyone else.
6/26/2009 c18 Black and White Rainbows
I am so upset about all the plagiarism taking place. It is so unfortunate that people have to take another persons work and claim that it is their own. I remember reading Everybody Hates Logan and very recently I remembered that it has not updated in like a year? I wish I knew how all these stories ended. I just came on recently and found out there were a million other spin offs that I didn't have a chance to read. But on another note I love your stories and I hope that one day you will become a known writer!
6/19/2009 c4 1thinkofengland
It makes me really sad that a handful of people, have ruined it for everyone else. I throughly enjoyed reading AAO, I had started reading Everybody Hates Logan ages ago,and forgot about it due to real life taking over. I wish I knew how it ended, but I can understand your reasons. Which leaves me hoping that you get published one day so that I don't have to wonder anymore.

Sincerely Think of England
5/27/2009 c4 2xPoisened-black-Rosesx
As much as I am saddened to not be able to read your fiction works anymore, I respect your decision and admire your calmness to this situation, I condemn you that this has happened to you, I think it is disgusting how some people have the nerve to steal your works that you have so arduously worked on.

I have to say that even though I haven’t read all your works, I have thoroughly enjoyed all the ones that I have read. You are indeed one of the most prominent and talented writers on this website and indeed one of the best writers I've seen, even better than actual best-sellers. Reading your fics have definitely brought a smile and something that I could look forward to. I wish you the best in the future, regards to anything you choose to do.

I presume that you have already copyrighted your works, if not then I suggest you do. I will be looking forward to see your works out published and successful and I know you have the potential to.(Come on, if the Twilight series managed to make a best-seller I'm sure your works, being 100x's better will smash that record).

Although I'm not sure if they will sell it here in the UK. =(. Either way I am sure that lots of readers have recognized

your writing and know that you are talented.

Hopefully you can someday regain trust in readers, although I know it would probably be hard as there are among the good readers, people who do plagiarize for own benefits.

I wish you the best from London

5/26/2009 c4 Ellie ramgal1121yahoo.com
I feel so bad for you that you have been plagiarized! There is no sense of decency among some of these people ): I'm glad I at least got to read Against All Odds, Sox in a Box, and Everybody Hates Logan(My fave of those three) I just wish I could've read the rest of your work, because I believe you are a truly fantastic writer!

I hope this doesn't discourage you from writing; you should keep writing for yourself and your closest friends that you can trust! It just sucks you can't share them with all the good people on here who loved your stuff as well... I hope you are able to get published someday and get the credit you really deserve! Good luck, and I hope you can get all the people who stole your work shut down!

~Ellie Hart
5/21/2009 c4 ohhhgirl
Hey, I'm really sorry you got plagiarized. Thank you very much for sharing your stories with us. They were among the first I read on fictionpress, and I actually just reread all of them this week. I'm glad I got to reread them once again before you took them off! Anyway, thanks again. I've really enjoy your writing.

Please update fictionpress if you get published (or self-publish?), I'd really like to buy some of your work.

5/21/2009 c4 LadyVi
Aw! I read the first 3 chapters, and was totally getting into it (I
5/20/2009 c16 Rachael
This story was wonderful. The writing was so splendid, that I actually don't mind I won't get to finish it. It was a treat just to read as far as I did (ch15). I'm gunna just pretend they all lived happily ever after, haha. I wish you the best :)


5/17/2009 c19 2LemonadeLover
I absolutely adore this story. The way Logan's thoughts and feelings are described, it's perfect. I like the fact that his thought process is consistent; he doesn't change and become a total sissy by the end of the story, which is a good thing! I love him the way he is. One of my favorite fictional characters ever!
5/9/2009 c19 dilly
YES i finished the series! God damn it was the best!

You do right AWESOME stories, Myrika!
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