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5/8/2009 c19 J. Whitlock

That was absolutely amazing.

One thing that I always look for in a story in character development. If the characters don't develope correctly or well, then the story doesn't either. But you got it spot on!

Kudos and thanks for a brilliant read.
5/7/2009 c19 1Shewriteslove
I LOVE IT! Its awesome and i love how you ended it!
5/4/2009 c19 Leanne
This really reminded me of Catcher in the Rye :) I'm reading it for English, and we're doing a whole section on it all about depression and sociopaths and whatnot...lol. Haven't got to the end of it, so I don't know how close EHL is to that!

But I read this before CitR, and I honestly have to say that I enjoyed it, because you stayed true to Logan's emotions and perspectives, instead of making him radically change. I guess it was that sort of stableness of him (does that even make sense? haha, i hope so!) that made this story really memorable :) Great job!
4/28/2009 c13 blossomcherry
wow you're amazing, I've been crying since last chapter and when i got to "I'm drunk because it stops hurting. I'm drunk because I don't have the guts to pick up a shotgun and end it all. Maybe that's why-" this line had me crying a river...he is so miserable, oh god if only he can realize the people around him. I'm still amazed as to how you develop Logan's character, his personality, so amazed! they true are one dysfunctional family, i really wish they'll have happiness.
4/28/2009 c6 AlwaysPenUltimate913
So... I'm definitely picking up on your stories years after the fact, but they are great! Just thought I'd say so... Also, this story has me just as intrigued as the others, but I must say that I don't think Noelle nor Logan (especially Logan) deserve any happiness. But then again, I tend to judge characters as though they are standing right next to me...
4/28/2009 c14 koi
they both have a soft spot for each other, I'm glad how it ended this chapter, all warm and fuzzy. i really love this Noelle&Logan pairing, they seen a lot more concrete than Ryan and Ral and that is how i view love. you don't necessarily need to express love every second but just know he/she will be there whenever you needed the most is enough. this is my favorite story out of all. i love flawed characters, love Logan and i also love Q from TSWaQ, he is too unique and i love his little nicknames.
4/18/2009 c19 2Rin NH1
I love the portrayal of intense emotions in the story. it's definitely good.

At that chapter where the setting was in the poolhouse and the several chapters that had Ral inside it, she was in my eyes a total bitch.
4/15/2009 c19 sarcasm is my middle name
Wow, EHL is a REALLY good story...

I'm glad you made a sequel about Logan; he's a very interesting character!

And i'm doubly glad that Math and Livy ended up together, because Kevin's a bastard!

It's sad that's there's no sequel about Ella, or Livy...

but all in all, this is a great series!
4/15/2009 c19 Angel
Once again, fantastic story. Keep it up!
4/15/2009 c14 MakeItHappen01
would it make more sense if u sed "when was the last time you got below an A minus in school?" instead "what was the last time...?"
4/14/2009 c15 13Ruby Kart
About 1/4 the way down, while Logan is talking to Jared he says: "...you've got another think coming-"

I do believe think is supposed to be thing.

That's all

I liked this chapter. I hope things keep going well for Logan. It's about time something did :)
4/14/2009 c16 Ruby Kart
About 2/3 of the way down, you made one tiny error. When Ryan tells Logan "Believe me, everyone I know respect the hell out of you."

Respect really should be respects. Everyone is actually singular so the verb should also be singular.

I really like this chapter. It's almost as if Logan's heart melted :)
4/13/2009 c19 KKHliboki

Okay, so I tried to write a review earlier, and I accidentally x'd out of the window. It was almost done too, blah. But I'll retype and hopefully I won't forget anything.

So I just finished EHL, and once again I was so impressed and loved reading it. If I had to choose between EHL and AAO, I honestly don't know which one I'd pick because they are so different and so great for such contrasting reasons. Thinking about it, I'd probably pick AAO just because I'm a sucker for sappy romance. But that doesn't detract a single thing from this story. It was really great. I hardly ever read novels with such dark story lines and conflicts; I just can't seem to get into them. But since I loved AAO so much, I couldn't not read this one. You wrote it so brilliantly that it made me like reading a more angsty, edgy story. And, when I did read it, I didn't find myself looking forward to only the romance part of the novel like I usually do. I didn't HAVE to have a Logan and Noelle scene every five seconds. I was intrigued by every scene, especially the Logan/Ryan interactions. Logan is such a dynamic character, and the way you made him progress through the novel was outstanding. It was so believable and emotional.

I have to point out a few of my favorite parts of the novel. First, I loved the "date gone bad" between Logan and Noelle. It was great how he stuck up for her when her mother was nitpicking. And I thought it was the cutest, sweetest gesture when he took her to McDonald's and got her the Big Macs. Find me a boyfriend who does that, please. I also thought their first kiss was great. It was quick, to the point, and fit perfectly for the ending of the chapter.

One character who I specifically loved was Ludlow. This is another feat which you have accomplished: making therapy sessions interesting. Every scene Logan had with Ludlow was important and intriguing. She's one smart cookie, and she was clearly an integral part of the story.

As I stated earlier, the scenes between Ryan and Logan were my favorites. Their relationship was so painful to watch, and so sad. Ryan tried so so hard to get Logan to talk to him, and the reader can tell it's because he loved his brother so much, and Logan just couldn't seem to come up with a response. It was truly painful to read. I'm glad they ended on a good note.

All in all, this one was superb. I definitely liked seeing a different style of writing, and you've definitely got a knack for angst too! :) Off to read "Mating Habits of the Popular and Petty."

Til next time,

4/13/2009 c8 MakeItHappen01
reading it like this i realised that raleigh is very, very annoying
4/12/2009 c19 kfjhbvasiuhvauvba
Another great story, but seriously you should consider getting your stories published. I'd definitely buy your book.

P.S. I can't wait for the next story involving Ella...whenever that happens.
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