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for The Graysbrook Governess

11/18/2008 c3 angelbeth
please update this story it is really good so far
9/5/2008 c1 RawrDinosaurGrrr
Will you be continuing this story? I very much like it so far and would love to read it through to the end. =]
8/15/2008 c3 ina
Wow, I really liked this start. It seems to be developing into a great story!

Sadly I hadn't realised you haven't updated it since 2005. Will you continue it?

I saw you are getting published, so maybe not?

I would love to read more of it!

7/5/2008 c3 8CrazyCowgirl101
HEY! Why did you stop here? It's really good so far. Have you read the book, A Love for Lydia? It's really good and flows along these lines.
6/8/2008 c3 fatso17
As per usual, that was a thoroughly enjoyable read. What a pity, you seem to have given up on this story. *sighs heavily*
Oh well this sure is interesting, I do wish there was more though.
5/24/2008 c3 mia
Are you planning to finish this story? I enjoyed reading the first three chapters.
4/20/2008 c3 thatcrazychickcindy
I really enjoy reading your stories. I had finished The Broken Road and found it amazing. I am starting The Graysbrook Governess and find that amazing as well. I hope for another update but it's okay if you don't have the time.

Thanks for writing.
4/12/2008 c3 9dreamforever101
ah this story is so interesting! I hope you update!
4/3/2008 c3 iman1234
omg update soon i cant wait
3/27/2008 c1 lookalike2u
I'd really like to read more of this. It sounds like it's off to a good start.
2/16/2008 c3 jujube
gr8 story, wonder what happened between Kathryn and her parents for them 2 send her away, hope u'll keep updating this story.
1/4/2008 c3 bluetinkerbell
Oh dear. I love this story because you've focused on more than just the romance. But you haven't updated in a while...I hope you're okay!
1/31/2007 c3 31emptyword
A friend of mine recommended this story to me, while warning me that it was unfinished and might possibly remain that way, but it definitely did not disappoint! It's a great start, slowly easing Kathryn into her new life. I'll have to comb through the other three posted on here. Actually, as I was rather surprised to find, I remember reading some of your stuff from a few years ago. There was a fairy tale you'd posted on your website, which I had completely fallen in love with - I think I recall writing about it in a diary entry those years ago. Anyway, it is good to hear you have forged into the publishing world. Best of luck! And thank you for leaving these stories posted on this site at least. :)
11/21/2006 c3 Guest
r u gonna updat?
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