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for delusion

3/30/2006 c1 40Doray
Effective words that elaborate the title nicely.
3/25/2006 c1 34The Melancholy Astronaut
If these songs aren't being sung, they should be. I would listen to them.
3/18/2006 c1 breezy nostrils
love this line - frozen lips linger ice on my cheek/forget this denial we were never asleep/we were never asleep. beautiful.
12/31/2005 c1 63silentscreamer07
wow...just..wow...this is absolutely beautiful. I loved all of your imagery, and the different lines of poetry you used..wow..this was amazing..


lol..sry, i just couldnt get by reviewing this one without screaming. This was truely awesome! *kw*

11/29/2005 c1 Praying Mantis
Thanks for the review!You're awesome with imagery... *mouth hangs open* "Fragile symbol of eternity" is chilling somehow. This is an incredible piece.

11/18/2005 c1 26Chi Ame
Oh... WOW! I love it... so full of truth and emotion. You had me captivated from line 1, and it kept getting more addictive. You've a knack for using simple words to create an elaborate web of emotion. Awesome.
11/17/2005 c1 44putz-6
This is a really good song. Good job ^_^ Also Thank-you for the review I'm glad you liked it. I think it's one of my best poems so far lol.
10/21/2005 c1 63lackluster
i'm in love with the chorus.
10/20/2005 c1 4Easter Morning Star
“We were never asleep.” And “The sunrise is dead in the sky.” I love these two lines. Beautifully written. I love the imagery. Well done, I truly enjoyed reading this!
10/20/2005 c1 25MacNWoody
I really like this, sounds cool. better than anything I could write, hehe. thanks for the review, and I wasn't offended, I write in my free time, so some things need some help, and your review was more helpful than criticizing, ;), t2ul!
10/20/2005 c1 32Zoe Peters123
I'm lost for words, that was really good. It was really deep and I could feel the emotions.


Could you please R&R some of my poetry please?
10/19/2005 c1 858Anna178
There are some really beautiful lines in this piece. Brilliant job, and again, beautifully put.

10/19/2005 c1 64EmbersAblaze-IgnitedIcicle
This is great. Many lines to think about. All unique. I will actually have to read this again, when I can concentrate better (headache, etc. now) and have time to read slowly yet surely, to receive the whole image captured in each line; and then move on to allow you to piece it together.

I agree with the gallery, keep it!
10/19/2005 c1 132mizu no kokoro
lovely imagery with heartfelt words~ good job, don't take it down

keep writing!
10/19/2005 c1 17sunday night sky
dont take it down, i think its beautiful - great job
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