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6/3/2006 c1 2DynamicEquilibrium
What to say... what to say... I got it!It was very poorly written. If she's rich, then why the hell would she be in a line of people to be 'taken' and if she's weird-looking, then please describe how so, because normaly people won't know what it is you're talking about, and how so. The plot (if any) sucks. There is a lot left to question and usually people who live in the temple are priests, or some sort of monk/friar. Families do not live in temples. Get a dictionary, study what the bloody hell you're writing about, or go on to another site. The latter would be appriciated. From the looks of your writing, most of it is labelled wrong. This is not scary due to the fact that you cannot write very well. You fail to come up with anything remotely frightening. Your fiction should have some basis of truth if you are using real places. If you cannot comprehend that, then please make up your own world instead of ruining ours. When using speech, then use proper grammer, and don't cram more than one person's words on one line. From your reviews, it seems that you lack anything you criticize for, making you a hypocrite. The least courtesy you could do to an author is specfically point out what they have done wrong, as most of your reviewers have done to you. I'm sure a "this sucks" is not much appriciated. If you are going to go ahead and flame people for reasons that only you seem to withhold, then do it as anon. so that they can delete it and save you the shame of people coming to your page and reading whatever this is you do. It's a waste of our time and yours. Flame me if you will, but from what I can tell, a hypocrite is not much appreciated.Grow up, or go away.

-Dynamic Equilibrium

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