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for Yakuza, Han Solo, And Deranged Missionaries

12/3/2011 c3 23Gravind Divine
love it

its awesome

cuteness and all


write more stories or i wont give you any cookies!
11/14/2005 c3 Willers
aww ^^. Cuteness. I liked the line " now, kindly, fuck off." ^_^. Awesomeness! XD!

Great job!


♥Always love your Silas... XD
11/12/2005 c3 5Comodin
X_X You updated twice and I havn't reviewed since. Shame on me, I feel like such a bad reviewer.

The whole second chapter, I just kept thinking, "Is this what goes on inside your head? o.O I never knew."

Third chapter:

[“Hey, what the hell? Get out of my apartment! Wait—Oh, HOLY HELL! But—! BUT WE DIDN’T DO IT LAST NIGHT!”]

Yes. XD Exactly. That's why no gay sex before church. (see I'd Rather Not, chapter 5.)

[“Alexei! Hide, that bitch sent the damn missionaries again—the crazy ones!”]

Do you know any *other* kind of missionaries? No, didn't think so ;-)

[“Surrender, convert and repent, sinners!” said a strident, androgynous nun at their front...]

XD I think that is quickly replacing "Mew" as my battle-cry-of-choice, And... androgynous as in a really pretty boy or androgynous as in a woman with a beard? XD That made me think, which made me smile.

[“Bah, foolish mortal! Your arrogant sarcasm will get you no where with us!”]

Er... they don't *sound* like your normal every-day nuns XD That's awesome. They sound more like demons. But, then again, I suppose one religion's demon is another one's angel. Go fig.

["...I could smell it when I walked in the door!”

o.O That is very... odd. Now I understand why "Crazy". But then again, nuns with katanas, I probably should have just accepted it and moved on, eh?

[A cat screamed in surprised pain as it fell off a fence across the street...]

What is it with you people and cat torture? As if there isn't enough of it around, with people burning cats in baskets and everything. You know, there's a reason why people eat dogs ;-)

[The End]

What? What is this? But there will be more stories later, right? Right? ;-)
10/27/2005 c1 Comodin
XD See? That wasn't so hard, was it?

So. First story and right off the bat, it's an M rating? Tsk tsk. Although I suppose I'm not one to point fingers, eh? ;-) Secondly, it was much sweeter than I would have guessed. A few 'aww' moments.

And I am in love with your dividers (!#$&&$#!). Very original. I don't think I've seen anything quite like that... er, before. Ever. Go you.
10/21/2005 c1 Willers
o_o; Gay dudes.. and guns.. XD! Kickass!


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