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for The Children of the Wilds

11/6/2005 c3 7Celyn
Yeah, I thought dragons mightbe involved somewhere.

The time has come for payback as I take guesses at your story plots! Mwahahahaha!

See, I remember seeing on TV a couple of times about how if there was such a thing as a dragon, it would probably have a sort of hydrogen lung, which would make it buoyant enough to fly. If you add platinum to hydrogen, you get an exothermic reaction... in other words, fire, thus explaining the breathing of flame. So when folks start eating of the platinum...

Um, sorry if that's a spoiler. I just couldn't resist. :D
11/5/2005 c3 2Casey Drake
very strange... but interesting.

:) CD
10/30/2005 c2 13Shadowhound
okay, i'm hooked. great job in both chapters. confused a bit in the first because you didn't give much history about why a mage was trying to conquer them, but in the second chapter, you did a great job giving the little details that give you a view of the character's life. update soon please.
10/28/2005 c2 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Lord Duffikus:

Eat it! Eat it! Three Tortured souls say she eats it!

Great job and all, and my creator still wants to know why she'd want to eat it...

Guess we'll have to wait till the next excellently described chapter to find out, eh?
10/27/2005 c2 10Teshgirl
Your descriptive paragraphs are really good! *clap*

Woah, eating platinum? Didn't see that coming. This is interesting, though. ^^ So, Alida's a Daughter of the Skies...

Good job, looking forward to more. ^^ Is it ok if I add you to my Favorite Authors list?

Tesh : )
10/27/2005 c2 Celyn
Cool. That was well-written and descriptive, and does give a good impression of the lifestyle where she lives. It's also good because it draws me in and I want MORE, dammit!

10/26/2005 c2 4Phoenix Wing
"I’d lost one of my cousins to the Wilds, though we did recover his body." Oh, creepy...I'm really liking this story. Eating platinum? Even better. Very original and lovely. I can't wait until the next chapter rolls around.
10/26/2005 c2 2Casey Drake
Strange... the women eat platinum?

this is getting fun!

:) CD
10/24/2005 c1 Casey Drake
oo... already things are very convoluted. very good hook for the rest of the story. I won't try to guess what happens next, because I really do not know.

:) CD
10/23/2005 c1 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Lord Duffikus:

Hmm...a new story by you...Interesting...let's see how this goes before I give more comments?
10/23/2005 c1 7Celyn
You're missing a question mark at one point, and I'm not sure about Tamen's reactions; he doesn't seem to be too shattered by his parents' death, despite what he says, and apparently seems to be convinced he's the real prince despite not actually being sure himself...


But it's an interesting concept, and I'll be watching for more. Could get quite interesting, this.
10/22/2005 c1 10Teshgirl
Cool so far. ^^ The idea of having a prince being a "not-prince" is very mysterious... makes me wonder it Tamen IS the prince or not.

Miskavel, eh? Sounds very evil. Now I gotta wonder HOW he planned out killing Tamen's parents.

The Wilds, hmmn. It makes me think of rolling hills and valleys. Yep.

Update when you can!

Tesh : )

Ps: When I get time, I'll read more of "The Ravens"! ^^
10/22/2005 c1 4Phoenix Wing
Divine! Simply divine. I'm captured in an instant, and very excited to read more. It's more than lovely, it's capturing and fresh. I'm way too excited about it. I wait in bright earnest for you to continue as well as with Fate's Songs.
10/22/2005 c1 1Camui-Chan
WOW! This is really good - definately one of the best stories I have read yet. You jump right into the action which is totally awesome. Your grammar is great, except for a few tiny errors that I have here:- "I felt like I being suffocated, wanted to.." you forgot the word "was"- "I closed my eyes as Tarden set out along the familiar..." you forgot the comma after Tarden.

there was one other mistake...but i can not rememebr where it was, sorry! but besides that, this was great! it's just the kind of story that I like to read. It sort of reminds me a bit of my own, except I write in the 3rd person view.(so if you have time plz R&R my story, Inathuan's Song!)keep up the good work!
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