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for The Children of the Wilds

12/5/2005 c10 Celyn
Wowsie. This is god.

Seriously, I can't find any CC for this chapter at all. It's facinating. I want more!
12/5/2005 c10 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Lord Duffikus:

o. A journey of a different sort begins. In all fantasy tales, journeys are bad .:D

I like it.
12/4/2005 c10 2Casey Drake

well, at least we know what the problem with Leil is...

:) CD
12/4/2005 c10 13Shadowhound
i like this. i am curious about the vyrae, can people see them, or just their dreamwalkers? you said that Mor snapped something's neck, does that mean that they can be in the phsyical plane and the 'dream' plane? just try and give a bit more basic information. really well done. i like how Aran finally gets his turn, but try not to give it to too many people, you do a good job of explaining his emotions in the begining, and i like how he is not jealous, i know i'd be. good story and update soon!
12/4/2005 c10 4Phoenix Wing
Aran's a dreamwalker! Very nice... Poor, poor Duana! So sad. I need to discover a time when I can read "Into the Skies." Would be quite nice, but I'm at a loss to try following more than one story. Will eventually. Promise! I'll read it on Christmas vacation. Enticing! Oh joy at a new word! My favorite words are still joyful and yayness though. I'm excited to have this story continue unfolding.
11/30/2005 c9 2silverwing56
yet again...

another awsome story

even thought it is a really good story...i want a another WATER SONG!

best buddy you should write more!

Omg I did not ever hearing about you writing poetry...

It's awsome though!

it's so true...

You have to talk about your stories more you know i love to hear them... anyho best...friendsfor ever till we are old ladies...

lol you will be an old lady with a bird

anyhow... this is your best bud... saying

talk to you when we walk to day home...

11/28/2005 c9 13Shadowhound
this is very well done. i am completely hooked on this, i want to learn more about the Fiacra and the Lone Guard. This is very good, i can't find spots where you leave something out, or not describing something adequatly, or even where you misspelled a word. This is very good, i hope your next chapter is of this caliber.
11/24/2005 c9 2Casey Drake
fiacra, silver queen, lone guards... I'M SO CONFUSED! but i'll wait and see. this is a very suspenseful chapter, which is good, and causes a lot of questions.

:) CD
11/24/2005 c9 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Lord Duffikus:

The Lone Guard, eh? Sounds a bit familiar...a different perspective of things, and we'll see how this turns out in the end.
11/24/2005 c9 gigi the dancer
Interesting story...

So i take it you enjoyed chemistry with that detaied description of phosporus and platinum?

It did seem to strongly recall a few chem lessons..

its enjoyable.Keep it up.Good luck

11/24/2005 c9 4Phoenix Wing
lol. I'm really glad you're in a very good mood! Very good moods are very good. Just like how that one thing put me in that one mood in that one story... ^_^ where they did that one thing after that other thing of course. Should probably actually mention the chapter...shouldn't I? It was enticing to use a new word. I don't even know if I spelled it right. She will of course be meeting Tamen won't she going to the Wilds? I'm very excited to say the least.
11/24/2005 c9 1Flying With Fish
Yet again you've produced another wonderous chapter, very informative also! Can't wait for more! Nam Ghosthand
11/20/2005 c8 Celyn
Wow. Cool.

Your tenses need checking; you mixed past and present a few times. Beyond that... it's good. I want more, damn you, more!
11/19/2005 c8 2Casey Drake
ohh shaeli. so the italics WAS leil. HA! I think he is trapped inside the stone, and all the others are other dreamwalkers that got trapped with him. that or it's some sort of Gate to another part of the dreamscape (sort of like Underhill Gates, if you've read Misty's Chrome Circle).

:) CD
11/19/2005 c8 13Shadowhound
first of all you have the roman numeral wrong. i should be VI. sorry, just had to point that out.okay, very nice, i like how you explain the dreamwalkers and the vyrae, it helps out a lot and makes the story seem more real. no real problems aside from the roman numerals, you have a few words that need to be seperated. a few typos, but that is it. this is very good. keep up the good work and update soon.
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