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11/10/2005 c5 10Teshgirl
Ah, so now the basics about the Daughters have been laid down... That's good.

I don't remember if you mentioned it before, but now I have a clear picture of Tamen in my head from your description. Yep.

Looking forward to the next update! ^^

Tesh : )
11/10/2005 c5 2Casey Drake
*nods* I agree. and this whole Daughter of the Skies thing is a little more believable, now you've laid down the restrictions side of it. No harming kin, getting cold easily... this makes the whole thing more believable.

:) CD
11/10/2005 c5 13Shadowhound
cool i'm happy you explained a bit more about Alida's lineage, but you didn't really explain things from where yo uleft off before her cousins arrived. try to explain that eventually. very nice chapter, update soon please.
11/10/2005 c5 7Celyn
Well! That was pretty good stuff... things are starting to work their way together.

I did wonder how Basimah knew so much about goings-on at the palace; maybe add a few more "we hears" or "they says" into that conversation? Or "my friend so-and-so's aunt works at the palace and she says"... that sort of thing. Other than that, good chapter, more please!
11/10/2005 c5 4Phoenix Wing
I really do like this story. I'd love to be a Daughter. If I never had to bleed I'd be a happy camper. I agree with Alida on the spot that "science" by the means of breathing fire seems as amazing as magic itself.
11/9/2005 c4 10Teshgirl
Wow. Very interesing idea, dreamwalking... Duana is interesting, too. I imagine her looking more like a cat, but she doesn't have cat ears or tail, right?

I wonder why Miskavel dreams of those thrones... hmmn. It was cool when Duana defended Leil.

*checks time* Class is starting soon, g2g. Looking forward to your next update. ^_^

Tesh : )
11/9/2005 c4 12Lccorp2

Archdemon Lord Duffikus:

Why, thank you for viewing my Creator's works! That aside...

Things I liked about the chapter:

Dreamwalking. What a novel idea...why haven't I thought of somthing similar myself? Some way...interesting, to say the least. Sincerely hoping you release more information and weave it into the story, failing that an info dump.

Hmm. a tad short, but who's complaining...
11/9/2005 c4 7Celyn
Nice! I like Duana... she's interesting... and there's a lot of potential having two claimants to the throne as main characters.
11/8/2005 c4 4Phoenix Wing
Dreamwalking in the dreamscape...your story grows evermore fascinating with each chapter. Leil's an interesting character.
11/8/2005 c4 2Casey Drake
so confusing... so, to recap. Tamen may or may not be a prince, but he's mad as all hells at Miskavel. Alida is a Daughter of the Skies, which means she's part-dragon. And she eats platinum as part of her diet. Leil is a dreamwalker with a bossy guardian who is called a vyrae. And if Tamen's not a prince, Leil is, and vice versa. and some ancient protection is on the castle which Leil set off.


:) CD
11/8/2005 c4 1Flying With Fish
Wow! I liked this chapter, but I got a little confused. The can enter a dream-scape? and when they're talking to each other, is that telepathy or something else? But, besides that I really like this story! Can't wait for the next update! As always, I await the next chapter with baited breath, (so hurry!)- Your loyal reader, Nam Ghosthand.
11/8/2005 c4 13Shadowhound
cool chapter, i'll try to find that book you mentioned. i'm kind of confused about the whole 'dream walker' thing. try to explan that in a little more detail. you explain how they target in on someone, and you explain a bit on what a person is thinking, but you didn't really explain what a dream walker is. also, what is the significane of Duana to Leil, shje has been with him since childhood, but why can she talk to him mentally? just try to explain somethings that confuse somepeople, like me, please.
11/6/2005 c3 Shadowhound
i like this chapter. adds more suspense and leaves you craving for more. don't forget about the prince thought. he is still a cool character. i don't mean to be nit-picky, but try to pick a definite main character. don't try to tell the same story through everyone's perspective. its one thing to tell different stories like that, gives you a sense of whats going on in the world, but for all the people experiencing the same thing, pick a character and stick with him/her/it. nice story, update soon, please.
11/6/2005 c3 4Phoenix Wing
Again, and I know I'll say this a hundred times over, this is a great story. With the story of the dragon you gave us just enough information to be sure we know what happens but then still ask many questions until we learn everything. I like Alida's character, but I also can't wait until you're back into Tamen's POV. The platinum cravings still fascinate me. ^_^
11/6/2005 c3 10Teshgirl
Interesting... very interesting. ^^ I liked the little story about the Maron how he fell in love. The whole Daughters of the Skies is a really cool idea.

Update when you can! :D

Tesh : )
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