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4/30/2010 c25 5Blood Is My Desire
I LOVE it! I'm so happy Blake didn't die and Charlie seems kinda nice. I like werewolfs a lot but I love vampires more! That actually felt unnecessary to say. But whatever. Anyway, great story! Can't wait for the next chapter! I know it'll be great like all the other chapters!
4/25/2007 c24 4GemfirestoneMoonbeamcatcher
wow write more please cause i love it bye
4/13/2007 c4 GemfirestoneMoonbeamcatcher
wow i like it a lot so far
4/11/2007 c24 B
AH SHE KILLED HER! YES! Go Clara! But the breakdown there: not fun. And they finally know she's preggers! That's probably a good thing to know. Wonderful, as usual.
1/29/2007 c1 1baddboy
You really need a beta reader. But you should do away with the thesaurus.
1/28/2007 c23 6Into-The-Blue
Cute! I like the Clara/Blake fluff! And I'm so glad she finally told him, though I'd wondered if he was going to confront her about it. Blake seems a little controlling, not letting her go out. And I hope Laura gets it. Bad. Awesome work!
1/8/2007 c22 31Beyond The Dark Side
Pretty good vampire story so far. ^^
10/5/2006 c1 1zamba136
just for the record, i read almost nothing but M rated stuff, because i find that i don't like childish stories...or shot ones either
9/7/2006 c17 6Into-The-Blue
damn! what happens next? i wanna know!
9/7/2006 c4 1girl-imposter
itz a great story and u should keep going...
9/6/2006 c16 6Into-The-Blue
o, i hate laura. is clara gonna kill her? and does she get revenge for her dad? she should.
9/6/2006 c15 Into-The-Blue
hey! you updated! wow i like this. saw a few grammer mistakes though. but i like the chapter!
9/6/2006 c15 1J. M. Davis
that was awesome. Apparently, you're going with an alive vampire theory? I wouldn't think that- I mean. Vampires aren't supposed to be alive. They're supposed to be undead. But of course, there's the "vampires are alive, their genetic structures have changed to give them superhuman powers and the ability to live off of only blood" theory.
8/13/2006 c14 Th1rt33n
Ha, this is starting to get interesting... besides the fact that the main charater has found a new love. I get the feeling that you are losing track. You've spent a lot of time on Blake and Clara but not a lot of time on the plot... on what powers lay before Clara. Now, if this is part of your plan, thumbs up I'm all for it, but if not... you might want to think about that. (R&R my story)
2/11/2006 c13 1The Girl in the Background
This is a good story i believe - i think clara still seems too innocent...she needs to become more vampiryish, i think.
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