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5/28/2013 c1 Julia
You should know that you are a wonderful writer. This was very beautiful.
7/17/2011 c1 3AnonomousNotReally
great job! i really got the feel of what you were saying. hey, i would bve etstatic of you read and reveiwed my story, Home for the Normal Impaired. I dont want to seem like i'm fishing for reviews of anything. Great job!
4/13/2011 c1 7ChaseTheSunset
You're really good at describing things =]
4/12/2009 c1 Disabled Account sdf
I loved it! Loved the familiar concept of the girl you can never forget nor escape.
6/15/2006 c1 4Nova Light
Good and vivid exoressions. Have to I just came home from a party. Good luck with the writing later on.
12/13/2005 c1 2HurlyBurlyTintamar
YAY! YOU'RE BACK! It's Moonchild/TheBrilliantFool/HurlyBurlyTintamar, by the bye, and I'm SO EXCITED you're back! I missed you! I'm sorry about all the crap you've been dealing with, and that University is hard (I'm going through the crazy American College Applications Process right now, but I probably have nothing on you, but I'm SO EXCITED YOU'RE BACK! I might just have a wee bittie party here by my onesies, but that wouldn't be too fun and might in fact get me classified in the creepy stalker table, so I'll forgo that part.

As to your story, it was great, very well described and with the right touch of drama. Is it a one-shot, or are you going on with it? Either way, cool beans, man.

Oh, and I don't know if you know, but I finished Never Better in September, which was crazy, so if you haven't read it, it would be AWESOME to see you on my review page again.


11/2/2005 c1 ellyn
this... is... amazing. i love the way you speak as if you know-it adds a whole new element to your writing. muy excelente.
10/31/2005 c1 5square root
Wow, you're very eloquent... I like the flow of your narrative. I enjoy reading short pieces with nameless characters sometimes... because the reader concentrates so much more on the actual words than the character. Very nice.
10/26/2005 c1 madapple
I am SO glad that you're back. I love the way you write. I love how it seems so effortless and beautiful but calculated all at the same time. Dude, your hiatus was long enough. Now START UPDATING 'Wings', because Darshan and Dhavana are much too interesting to be left there. Clicked onto your livejournal recently - glad to hear you've been having a great time at uni! I started my first year the same time as you :) I'm in Cali. :D WOOHOO. Anyway, do post more - I've missed reading your work.
10/25/2005 c1 1umakane
I enjoyed the descriptions. =] The story sounds intriguing.
10/24/2005 c1 13evm
This is beautiful! Welcome back! I've been waiting for so long for you to post again! (You won't remember me, because my pen name has changed like 3 times since you posted last). You're the person who got me turned onto Dashboard Confessional, so you'll always be the coolest person to me. - - - - - Back on topic- I loved this so much! (but I don't have any more room on my favourites list anymore, maybe I'll move something though). I especially loved 'Every movement was immaculate, lasting, monumental. Every flick of his wrist, swish of a lash and twitch of the mouth was music, genius, inspiration. ' Brilliant.
10/23/2005 c1 snow blossoms
glad to see you're back for one. for two, you kick ass. this is a nice, well-written work. i'm looking forward to seeing more.

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