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2/1/2009 c10 6MrFlames
It's been a while... I think of this site infrequently at this point and visit it less often. Quite frankly, this account was originally created as a response to the Neocons and the Bush administration, so with them out of office it's pretty much served its purpose anyway. And, as far as venues for personal and political opinion go, the blog has pretty much replaced fictionpress for a venue for online discussion. More than it ever was before, fictionpress is a place restricted to the posting of (mostly god-awful) fiction.
12/27/2008 c6 A Highly Amused Writer
I can't tell you how ecstatic i was to find someone with both wit AND a sense of humor. My new favorite 'game show' is most definitely,

(joined in by the mindless screaming masses)

1/10/2008 c7 9tree-frog-man
I've been readin chapter after chapter of this stuff and i have come to a few simple conclusions.

1. Fictionpress is more full of self indulgent pin head pricks than anyone who actually enjoys writing ever deseveres to come into contact with.

2. Too many people review for effect.

3. You appear to be one of the nicest, well intentioned people that I have come across during my time here at fictionpress.

Keep it all up and don't give in to this kind of shamelessly self obsessed hipocrasy.

cheers for a right laugh as wel!
1/5/2007 c1 A Gay Black Unicorn from Hades
This is the most emo shit I've ever read.
1/2/2007 c10 Beth
The idiot who writes Resident Evil fan fiction on FictionPress is still around?
12/6/2006 c1 8You Make Me Smile A Lot
I LOVED it! I like the idea of a television show all full of comedy-at-flamer's-expense and what not. I guess you don't need me to tell you that your idea is good because you have a few frillion reviewers who have all ready told you that. ^_^ smiles!
12/5/2006 c1 43je suis une pomme du terre
OMFG!~~ I'm sitting in my school's library and everybody's looking at me like I'm crazy... do you know why? CUZ I JUST FRICKIN BURST OUT LAUGHING SO HARD MY SIDES HURT XD omg that was so hilarious. im going to keep reading later on! omg im referring this to my friends too...

keep writing



:.:Tender Hostility:.: (Almighty Bitch xD)
11/29/2006 c1 1Fictionpress Watcher
Entertaining and informative.

If you hate flamers such as Mr. Flames, review the poem "Flame War 2006" and show your support of the anti-flamer movement.

Thank you for your time.
10/28/2006 c1 113Travis C. Eckert
I really like this, has a lot of humor in it, and the imagery is very easy to get.
9/28/2006 c1 OMG H4X
Enjoying The Humor,

You should see what I did to Cheah (an author on here) on his story "Liberation Day".

9/25/2006 c1 Enjoying The Humor
Dude you're fucking hilarious, keep it up. If anything AVDA must be loving the free publicity you're giving him/her
9/25/2006 c4 OMG H4X
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9/25/2006 c3 OMG H4X
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9/25/2006 c2 OMG H4X
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9/25/2006 c1 OMG H4X
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