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for Koinon Assemble in The Agora

11/19/2005 c3 Le Creature
My notes for chapter two now span 40 pages. Sorting through all the arguments will take time, especially if I also want to screw around with the language of the original piece. Dav keeps repeating the same arguments over and over again but putting them in different ways. I almost feel like I should just write a FAQ, instead of another chapter, heh.
11/18/2005 c1 3Typewriter Koinonia
Sarasa-Chan: Use Mozzila Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It will protect you're browsing experience much better.

SilentBlueRose: They also had anarchy and killing cops listed as stupid intersts, so take No Trust with you.

cuddle pup: Voltaire never actually said that.
11/2/2005 c1 Sarasa
Those hearts almost crash IE.

Public schools will just screw it up. Personally, I'd say TV.

How about inserting GPS trackers under their skin and fail to mention where it is. Oh wait, that would really suck.

I'd use my trusty hand gun since you can now carry them in public unless the store posts one of those signs. At least in Ohio.

The third.

Can I have a review? Wait, I have nothing to be reviewed.
11/1/2005 c2 6SilentBlueRose
Woah, magic...

And what? They dare launch their little 'stupid interest category' WMD against me? Guns at the ready, General. *salutes*
11/1/2005 c2 15No Trust
"I love niggers. I think everyone should own at least one."

10/28/2005 c1 12Ben Wuest
Really cool 'essay' (though was it really?). Thanks for the review, I'll check in the next time you have something new in.

10/28/2005 c1 Sarasa
10/27/2005 c1 68cuddle pup
"I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."-K
10/27/2005 c1 15No Trust
You need to get laid.
10/26/2005 c1 6SilentBlueRose
After much thought on this subject, your essay has brought me to this point, where I've finally found come to a conclusion.

I really like ice cream.

Oh, and you should, lyke, totally review my stuff lolzerz!

Have a nice day.
10/26/2005 c1 6Absolut Hooliganism
Nice psuedo-essay. Albeit its wandering points, you certainly have a valid statement, here. And just because;I'm That One Dude! I got you back, sucka.
10/26/2005 c1 1Formerly
Yeah, do that quote thang.
10/26/2005 c1 5A Very Disappointed Author
Hm, totally pointless


and, well


Don't really get the reason something like this was necessary. I mean write what you like, but why mock Raptor after he has long since moved on?

I mean isnt that a tiny bit immature and a huge cry for attention?

I know this is kind of brief, so if you'd like my real full opinion make sure to check out "The Greatest Review Ever Ep.2"

Thanks for the material!
10/26/2005 c1 McLane
I'm sitting here with my jaw hanging open, not really knowing what to put in this review besides amazing. It seems a bit jumpy at points, but i love the final point, the quote at the beginning, and the quote at the end. A-frickin-mazing.

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