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9/7/2014 c1 3lilbabykiwi
Kind of reminds me of the Doll by Algernon Blackwood. *evil chuckle*
8/4/2014 c1 1DarkOrchid1992
Whoa, this is awesome! I'm really excited to read the rest!
5/23/2006 c5 16amethystdawn
I love how you ended this chappie. :D It's very fitting and i can so imagine it...

In fact, your descriptions are quite clear. I like the swirling leaves part... adds some sort of mood i suppose.

I think you've improved in your writing skills (if that's actually possible since you're good enough already... .")

I wanna see what happens next. Do update soon. :D

God bless

4/29/2006 c5 Mephistophelian

It's always good to find a great horror story on fictionpress, please update soon! I'm really exited to see what happens! I love your characterisation, it's very realistic, especially in the main character.

Keep up the good work!
4/18/2006 c5 20Lilliana Krishante
I believe that this story has real potential, but I am still not scared... I think that you need to be a little more visual in your images. Really make me "see" a shattered body at the bottom of the stairs. But all in all, the story is great! Just not visual enought. Or so I think at least. Keep writing, give us more.
4/11/2006 c5 1FranPancheska
This is so awesome. How did Karen die, did someone push her? What happened with the doll? Oh man, so may questions, I need them answered! Please update A.S.A.P!
3/22/2006 c5 9dragonfire-lina144
...And so it begins. (evil laugh!)

But seriously, this was good. You've began to add more to it, and the description is abosultely wonderful. Oddly enough, I just finished reading a novel about a doll possesed by an evil spirit.

It wasn't nearly as good as this, though. Trust me.

Update soon as you can. Shalom!
3/14/2006 c5 19Rhea Valente
Ooh.. update.. its already startnig to freak me out a lil bit..oO;;

Uhm ... scary.

Number witheld. Hmm.. hehe...

I love the descriptions in this - how her thoughts and feelings sorta ... break through ... if that makes sense? Probs not. I'm not makin much sense atm. XP

Anywhoo - inna nutshell, me likies the new chappie, and i cant wait to read the rest! ^_^

~banoffee-pie-loving-one (lol) (15.18)
2/3/2006 c4 14CK Shorty
1/11/2006 c4 6MizSphinx
First off:


Dude! You rock! Where on this place we inhabitants call Earth did you learn to write like that? A book entitled: 202 Ways in Descriptions of Places and Things? Okay...now that name was just lame...Anyway, really, the description of the place was very well written. I wish I could do that...I commend you for it!

Second off:


Ugh. What a total snob. She doesn't even know how to accept the money with grace and be creative and think of the many things you can buy with that twenty dollars because I would seeing how I desperately need twenty dollars at this VERY moment! (Lol, no punctuations!)

Third off:


Freaky. I don't know what I would've done if I'd received a message like that. Delete it, I think but me being so totally inquisitive would've followed its orders and head straight to the antique shop.

Fourt (and last) off:


You know you wanna. You know you HAFTA. -:fingers ultra-sharp Ginsu knife and smiles like a lazy Cheshire cat:- Yeah...just go and sit down before that screen soon-meaning, TODAY-and start typing away, darling. Or else...

Mentally Malfunctioned,


PS: No, it's not a threat. I don't dig threats. It's just a...umm...a...none-too-nice reminder to update. Hehehehe.

PSS: Like the new name. Lol!
12/27/2005 c4 9dragonfire-lina144
Interesting chapter...

Again, we see Karen for the spoiled brat she is. "An MP3 player"...I hope she knows that those cost hundreds of dollars; no sane parent would willingly give their child 500 pounds, even if said child is the most important thing in their lives.

However, I do like how the chapter ended; it's spooky and leaves me on edge. Makes me wanna read more.
12/18/2005 c4 16amethystdawn
Scary... update Mr. Writer-Man!

Merry Christmas!

hugs, dawn
12/8/2005 c4 19Rhea Valente
YAY! An update! (even though I know its gonna get really scary...)

I LOVE your descriptions! I can practically imagine the surroundings, and where she's going! AWESOME job! ^^

Oh! HAHHAHA!: " the DVD she’d wanted to buy (Pirates of the Caribbean, because of Johnny Depp’s presence therein). " WOOHOO! Hehhee, I may be an over-obsessive fan-girl, but i don't care! XP

YAY! What do I say? And... what a way to end... I'm ... shivering slightly...oO

Do update soon! I'm bracing myself! ^^

LOVIN this so far! ^^

~wolfeh (14.45)
12/6/2005 c3 16Wing Chant
Whoa, I haven't checked back on this story for quite some time. Hehe. ^^ I never realized you updated! Well, it's definitely a great beginning. I can't wait until you post up the next chapter, so get to it or there will be blood! *evil ninja's attack* +P Heehe. Get at it!

loserz. ;)
11/26/2005 c3 2Fantasy773
Wow. Just, wow. I love this story and there is a definite style in how you're writing it. Very dark, almost gothic. The first chapter really got me interested.

Ever since I saw the summary in my Author Alert email I was excited to read it, and now that I finally have, I am not disappointed in the least!

Each sentence fits like a piece to a puzzle that, done any other way, wouldn't create the same effect. The stand-out point in the story for me is:

"Pull over, thread through, pull over, thread through, pull over – (‘Pull over! Elizabeth LOOK OUT!’), thread through."

That line alone could have kept me reading. It gave me chills just reading it for the first time. Not knowing exactly what happend allows me to paint a far more terrorfying picture in my head than if you told me what exactly happend.

An amazing chapter from an amazing author.

As for the second chapter, it seems that you are starting a new trend of making a chapter that's short and takes a reference from a source that deals with the subject being covered (thinking of "The Storm" chapter 2). I actually like that though. Very stylized because of that.

As for the third chapter, you did something many authors would probably have a hard time doing- making a real family. Everything from their actions down to the very dialgue felt unscripted, but rather like a retelling of something you've seen and heard first hand.

The characters speak for themselves. You sure know how to make a person feel a certain way towards someone. Karen truly is a brat, Wendy is just like a real mother (doesn't always approve of her childs actions, but loves her unconditionally), and though I've never witnessed a drunken father, I would expect his habits to be pretty close to what Karen's father has been displaying.

I love your writing! Keep up the amazing work. I WILL read more!
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