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6/29/2007 c1 toxic-noodle725
hai allah. what an evenful story. hee. no seriously it was but also very entertaining at the same time. i loved it. im bengali so i could really relate to amy's character, god with all the fobs, and marriage proposals, heh i might use those tricks when someone asks for my hand in the future. it was waay better than a hindi movie. plus bollywood movies overdo the cheesiness but this didtnt. I LOVED IT! so now u have to go and write up a sequel. like right now. great job. toodles!

-The Noodle
2/3/2007 c25 17Lady of romance world88
Wow! Amir and Amy were have difficult marriage but i hope in end they will be together forever through time for his son, omar and its definitely might be little sister or little brother for him in future :)
11/14/2006 c25 8bulletproof.cupid
yes, i'm here lurking in the shadows. bleh... ever since uni started it's been busy, especially when we just finished midterms and they're coming around the corner again. anyhow, the chapter was brillaint and your writing has improved so very much. the ending was perfect... and somehow i can see this getting published in young times, that magazine from dubai...? heh, go visit their site and send them a copy. i'm sure they'd love to! anyhow, got to study... unit test tomorrow. byee!
10/26/2006 c25 Saniaaa
hey, I don't know if i have reviewed this story before or not but I felt like I should really review this chapter since it's the last one. sorry if i haven't reviewed but that doesn't mean your story isn't good. in fact it's one of my favourite & you are a realy good writer. your style of writing is very mature. And that's one thing that makes your story good. the other being the plot, which by the way was very original. I hope to read your future stories!
10/25/2006 c25 Lady Knight Bella
Wonderful! The ending was abrupt but I think it's perfect. It draws conclusion to the characters, but leaves enough open to the imagination. I look forward to reading many more of your stories and best of luck with school!
10/24/2006 c25 1LACS89
loved it! awesome story. can't wait for your next one. keep up the good work. don't forget get about this faithful reader when u become all big and famous
10/24/2006 c25 Alenor
heya, i'm glad they didn't divorce. great story ~ Alenor.
10/22/2006 c25 4sofiya05

and there goes another one...all my favourite stories are ending...um i dont reli do well picking apart every little bit of annalysin a story but umm i'll do my best.

I can honestly say that until a certain chapter...wen amina gets raped, i thought it would be the normal asian love story and then after that it totally bacame unique and you own so hurray for that lol!

Um that stood out the most for a story in general, i loved the whole it being an asian scene lol.

In this chappie i loved that she finally got to have a bit of a heart to heart with shan and got over her fear of sleeping with amir when she was desperately lusting after him lol.

Not to mention the whole understanding that he doesn't love her like mahwish bt know that he does love her, and that he has a special place in his heart for her and omar's accepted her as a mum so she's done pretty good for herself lol.

Anyways ciao

10/5/2006 c24 8brittle.star
10/4/2006 c24 Alenor
Hey, i'm glad she's ok. great chappie ~ Alenor.
10/4/2006 c24 4sofiya05

oh wow! he was going to make her watch! that's terrible. obv. he's only what serial rapist? im so dumb sumtyms lol. Anyhoo Omar called her mum? How sweet.

I wonder what Amir has got on his mind? Update soon if you're not to busy

10/4/2006 c23 Alenor
heya, this is a great story so far. i can't wait for you to update so i can see what happens ~ Alenor.
9/29/2006 c23 Marie
This is a great story.

Please updat soon.
9/22/2006 c23 1LACS89
can i murder amir? omg why a cliffhanger grr.
9/21/2006 c23 6Kya Cynzia
You FINALLY updated! YAY! This chapter was very good, even though it made me sad. I hope that you get the next chapters out soon!
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